Monday, February 2, 2009

Best Way for Diamond selection

By Rich Vial

Clarity is one of four ways to determine the true purity of a diamond. This describes the absence or presence of flaws that are seen on the inside or outside of a diamond. Diamond clarity is determined by the number, size, nature and location of any imperfections. It is rare to find a diamond that has perfect clarity as more the diamond will have clarity will lead to have more pocket budget to have that diamond purchased for your wife.

Color is a major characteristic that is considered when determining a diamonds purity and value. This describes the amount of color a diamond contains. Diamonds are not all truly colorless, but it's the colorless diamonds, sometimes called white diamonds, which all other shades are judged against. These colors range from colorless to yellow with slight tints of gray and brown. The fancier colors of brown, blue, green, pink and red are rarer and therefore more valuable and more costly too for you pocket to purchase them.

Cut is the term often given to diamonds to check its proportions such as depth, width and uniformity of its facets. These characteristics control the brilliance, durability and other features that we look for in a diamond. The proportions of width and depth have a large impact on diamond brilliance. This brilliance is the reflection of white light that we see when we look at a diamond. The beauty of a diamond is determined by the quality of the cut. Diamonds with incredible color and clarity will not display the sparkle if the cut is not perfect, so that all components interact with the light as they should.

Carat is the unit of weight for diamonds. This weight is calculated by being subdivided in 100 points (0.01 carat = l point). The larger the carat the higher the value of the diamond. This is because larger diamonds occur less frequently. A one carat stone is rarer and more valuable than two half carat diamonds taken together. Diamonds that are just under the weight of a full carat are less expensive than diamonds that pass the full carat hurdle.

Diamonds are always been treated as most famous jewelery element in eyes of female but for you as a husband it might be not a easily affordable thing to purchase to give your lover or wife as diamonds are symbol of wealth and richness thus they are not easily affordable for a medium range family care taker. - 16651

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