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Kid Express - The new 2009 Kid Express Shoes

By Johnson Kidspress

If you are looking for quality and affordability, combined with fashion and style, you have come to the right place. The Kid Express line up is the perfect blend, providing you with quality garments for you loved ones at bargain prices. The Kid Express line up covers the clothing needs of all, including babies and kids. Here, at Pure and Honest Kids, you can find the ideal outfit for your new born along with the perfect dress for your little Princess, and all of this can be done in a matter of minutes, saving you time and effort. So be smart and find exactly what you are looking for in the Kid Express Collection through Pure and Honest Kids, bringing you so much more.

Your young lady is just going to love the Kid Express Atelier De La Mode Hooded Poncho Set, after all who doesnt, with its ultra fashionable look and unique embroidery, this Poncho is a must buy. This Kid Express Poncho set comes with a matching pure cotton legging pair, which will be ideal for her, keeping her warm and in fashion. This is a striking design and equally eye catching trend setter, and may be just what she needs to add that little flair to her wardrobe.

Is your son one of those boys who likes taking it easy, and is not really pushed in to anything, including getting dressed up? Well, the perfect way to kick back and take it easy is by getting into one of Kid Express Boys Collections Cargo Bermuda Shorts. Talk about taking it at your own pace, you can be sure he will never be seen out of them, with there cool camouflage print and plenty of pockets, these Bermuda styled shorts are going to be his outfit of choice. Easy to get in and out off, thanks to the elastic waist, you can be sure he is going to want to know where you got these from.

The Kid Express Collection for Girls has some truly amazing and fashionable outfits to choose from, like this Kid Express Bleu Fushsia Top. This top defiantly takes the cake, and is an Kid Express Classic by far. With its sleeveless style and A-line shaped body, the hot pick finish with a layered bird and flower design, this is the ideal top for any baby girl, and she is going to get all the attention in the world because of it. This is a perfect example of how Kid Express is able to blend style and quality perfectly to give you the very best in childrens garments, that too in an affordable price range.

Bring home the super cute Kid Express Bebe Combination Outfit from the Kid Express Baby Boy Collection, and be sure everyone is going to want to see him more in it. This is the perfect daily wear outfit for your baby boy, with its super soft comfort and feel; this is all you need to bring a smile to his face.

So you know where to go the next time you need anything for your childrens wardrobe, its Pure and Honest Kids, giving you more, always. - 16651

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Coach Bags, Smart Choices for Fashionable Ladies

By Clarice Jones

Designer bags are a must have for every girl who wants to always be fashionable and up to date with modern trends. However, not all ladies can afford to spend so much on handbags and clothing accessories.

When it comes to dressing up on a budget, you have to be smart and creative. It is perfectly possible to obtain a fabulous look with a not at all fabulous budget. Cheaper does not need to mean uglier or worse quality, be it in purses, shoes or any other clothing accessories.

Remember, you don't need to jump into buying any purse from the new collections Coach and other bags designers launch once or twice a year. Usually you can wait to buy them at less than half their initial price, about 6 months after launch. I think it is worth waiting, as the discounts are important and you can save a lot of money this way.

A good way of getting cheap Coach handbags is to buy the winter models in summer and the summer models in winter. Of course, you can look at bags as of an investment. Bags are an investment in you, in the way others perceive you, in your public image.

Bags need to be outstanding, as they are one of the most important clothing accessories for a woman. A bag for a woman is the equivalent of a tie for a man. Everybody notices a beautiful purse, as well as they always notice a very ugly or cheap looking one. You'd better be good in your bag choices. If you are not sure what fits you, watch the celebrities and try to match their style with yours.

Wallets and beauty or travel cases that match the bags are a great innovation in fashion and style. Take advantage of it and always buy a match for your new purse. Coach bags , for example, always come with such accessories.

Cleaning of your bags should be done with great care. Sometimes water may ruin your purses, so you need to keep them away from water, if the manufacturer so indicates. Your Coach bags are amongst the luckiest ever, because you can buy special maintenance kits which help your bags look like new for longer time.

When choosing your bags, keep in mind that big handbags don't fit very well in case you are a short person. Think twice and maybe get yourself a wristlet or a clutch, instead of a huge tote bag. - 16651

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Buying Gold Jewelry Is A Smart Investment

By Heather Boydins

So what shall it be gaudy or gorgeous? Jewelry that is " the most decorative additions to the human body, aside from tattoos, which we humans love to indulge in. If you take a good look at the trends lately you'd think gaudy, but at the price you're paying for some of this "art", best call it gorgeous in defense of wearing it.

If you're searching for an enduring jewelry collection, one that has value, stick to gold. Even though we're in a recession, we value our gold simply because it never loses its worth or it attraction over time.

Surveys have recently shown that those "must get" items we so covet rank gold as being close to the number one spot, not other expensive jewelry as you may expect. Amazingly the next ranked "must get" item was a fully loaded new Smartphone cell phone.

It's a sure thing then that gold is a keeper not only because of the way it looks on people " elegant, tasteful, quiet and striking " but because of its investment value. All around gold wins the Miss Versatility crown for its ability to appeal as a must have wearable and its obvious financial value. You have to know that after all these years gold will be with us ad infinitum.

Sterling silver is still showing a strong preference in the standings, as are other fine gemstones pieces, such as those with precious and semi-precious rocks. Earth tones in a wide palette of colors also seem to be in vogue.

If you want to be able to tell what is IN for the coming season because you love keeping your finger on the pulse of fashion trends, then grab the latest elite fashion mags and scope out the pictures.

Want an insider tip to figure out what will be the latest fashion trend in jewelry? Watch for your clothing catalogs to arrive and you'll be able to see what is coming for the next season. Don't waste time on dreaming about it, do it and order what you want so you will be setting the trend in your group way ahead of time.

If youre dying to know what the latest trends in hot jewelry will be for the next season, the next time you are out shopping, look in the window and the store displays. Chances are you will be buying what you see within minutes after seeing it. Stores that cater to the fashionable and trendy crowd will have all the latest looks and tips on how to mix and match jewelry. - 16651

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Finding The Right Luxury And High-quality Watches For Women

By Ferda Shinsky

Luxury watches aren't just for the rich and famous any more. These days, almost anyone can find a luxury timepiece that is functional as well as fashionable. But the choices are almost endless. How do you find the right watch for you? There are a few things you should keep in mind as you begin your search for just the right women's watch.

There was only one Artical...I didnt see anything in the instructions about a second artical. Please let me know if I missed something so it can be corrected. The only artical I saw was the one about the womens luxuary watches.

There was only one Artical...I didnt see anything in the instructions about a second artical. Please let me know if I missed something so it can be corrected. The only artical I saw was the one about the womens luxuary watches.

Day to day watches or watches for the office should be practical. You don't want a watch that will fail and make you late for an important meeting or get behind on your agenda. Your watch should be trustworthy and easily readable.You also want something that will match your fashion sense, but don't go overboard. Stick with something that will match many items in your wardrobe.

A watch that holds up well is what you would want to get if you are looking for something to wear while you work out. Get something that is trustworthy and that has a large face so it is easily readable. There are a good amount of watches that are marketed for fitness out there.

There was only one Artical...I didnt see anything in the instructions about a second artical. Please let me know if I missed something so it can be corrected. The only artical I saw was the one about the womens luxuary watches.

There was only one Artical...I didnt see anything in the instructions about a second artical. Please let me know if I missed something so it can be corrected. The only artical I saw was the one about the womens luxuary watches.

People world wide have treasured luxuary watches for many years. There are many choices from many different manufacturers. You can make the decision much easier by doing your research first. Wether the watch is for you or you are buying it for a gift. - 16651

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Stop! Don't Begin Advertising Before Reading This Report on PPC.

By Jon Rognerud

Branding, a key asset of any Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign, is defined by Wikipedia as a collection of symbols, experiences and associations connected with a product, a service, a person or any other artifact or entity. Brands have become increasingly important components of culture and the economy, now being described as "cultural accessories and personal philosophies".

A strong brand is absolutely essential in the current business climate, where the battle for securing loyal customers intensifies everyday. A Pay Per Click advertising campaign enables a company to accomplish both lead generation and online branding at the same time.

Online branding through PPC advertising depends on two things: the frequency with which the ad appears on Search Engine Result Pages (SERP)and the number of times that your target market has been exposed to the ad. The idea is that your potential clients will be able to see your ad again, even if they don't click on it the first time, and as a result, your product, and your business, will achieve top of the mind positioning.

Make sure that you have a solid understanding of your existing data before you begin. Ensure that you get a complimentary review and quality feedback on what this data means to you and your business.

In your search for the right mix of in-sourced versus out-sourced work, you need a knowledgeable, flexible partner that has at least 4 years experience. Some will charge you a flat fee, others a % of your spend of media, and sometimes a mix between the two, which may include a back end performance number. You should decide what works best for your business. - 16651

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End Maternity Fashion Boredom!

By Joanne Garrett

The stylish six way maternity dress, perfect for all those parties, weddings and other formal functions you have whilst pregnant and is perfect for maternity evening wear. It's a great investment buy letting you ring the changes unlike any other maternity dress we've seen. It can be worn as a variety of formal maternity evening dress styles or as a maternity skirt throughout pregnancy; it also makes a great post-pregnancy piece.

During your pregnancy you will have a number of formal functions to go to. These will range from weddings, parties, to formal lunches - imagine buying a new maternity dress every time you attend one of these events! The 6-way-maternity-dress enables you to have six different maternity evening dresses for the price of one!

Basically, it's a long black dress which is worn in six different ways from a maternity skirt to a maternity fashion dress to a glamorous maternity evening dress - perfect for all occasions.

The 6-Way Dress can be worn as a Strapless dress, a Halterneck, a One shoulder dress, Crossover, a Cap sleeve dress and a maternity skirt.

The 6 way dress is made up of a long skirt, a bandeau (which is worn around the bust or the tummy), and a wide, tapered piece of fabric attached just below the bandeau which forms the ties in many of the dress versions.

The fabric of the maternity dress is soft and drapey (not clingy), with a stretch. The bandeau is snug, enabling it to provide support for the bust when worn as a dress, and for around the tummy when worn as a maternity skirt.

It's hard to believe that this maternity outfit is as versatile as it seems, and as easy and comfortable to wear. When we tried our sample we were really impressed!

Each maternity dress comes with a set of easy instructions. These show six main ways to wear the dress, with a few variations also explained. You'll probably find even more ways to wear it! - 16651

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Photoshop and Illustrator Tutorials

By David Peters

What are the differences between adobe photoshop and adobe illustrator? Produced by the same company, there are some that say the difference between the two programs is small. In actuality, adobe illustrator takes some key elements of adobe photoshop to the next level and beyond.

Adobe's Photoshop is perhaps one of the most widely recognized and used programs by digital photographers today. This program has plenty of tips and tutorials available making it an easy program to learn and use. Photoshop can transform any image into a polished and professional looking photograph. You can add borders and enhance pictures to a level that no digital camera could capture. With Photoshop you can make almost anything possible to do with a photograph, reality.

Adobe's Illustrator by definition is a completely different program altogether. A vector based program, Illustrator enables you to create your own unique graphics. These graphics can be used in almost any medium, from print, to online, video and even your cell phone. Adobe Illustrator can do what Photoshop cannot do alone.

You can find a vast amount of information online on both programs. Tips and tutorials are in abundance on Photoshop and Illustrator. Check out some of the chat rooms, forums, and discussion groups for new information and ideas. Once you start looking, you will find no end to the information on Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Adobe Photoshop cannot compete against the drawing and vector art tools found in Illustrator. Adobe Illustrator offers a huge number of templates to get you started, or you can design your own ideas from scratch using a number of different drawing tools. With Photoshop you can create unique graphics, but they all originate from an existing image and the tools to modify it are limited in comparison to Illustrator. If your drawing needs or small or not too complex, Photoshop should work well, but for the serious graphic designer, Illustrator is the way to go.

Many Photoshop tutorials do not cover Photoshop drawing in great detail, so look for those tutorials specific to drawing for the best information. The same goes for Photoshop tip pages. It is seldom that you will find large amounts of information on drawing and vector art tools. But to make your digital images perfect, Photoshop is the program for you with plenty of information available. With the abundance of info on the subject, you won't be able to stop form touching up every photo you take.

Adobe Illustrator works a bit differently. Photoshop adds a new look to existing images but Illustrator can actually create the new images themselves. Adobe Illustrator can be a great asset to the graphic designer. With its easy to use tools and tutorials available over the Internet, Illustrator is both versatile and indispensable.

By combining a working knowledge of both Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, you can manage the creation of brand new images or the enhancing of existing ones. Since the two share some basic functions, by learning one, you are ahead of the game on the other. Stunning graphics and images are possible though one of the two of these programs and since their functions are so different, knowledge of both would make any thing you needed to do achievable. Opt for Photoshop for your digital photography and Illustrator for your image creations or should you have uses for both, choose the programs that best suits your needs.

Both programs are unique in their abilities and will make great additions to your software library. Both the digital photographer and the graphic designer will find a vast number of uses for both programs in creating the best and most professional images. Mastering these programs is easy with all of the tutorials, tips and information readily available online for Photoshop and Illustrator. The more you learn about these Adobe programs and experiment with using them, the more possibilities you will unlock in your own creativity. Have fun! - 16651

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Video Search Optimization Tips and Guidelines - Video SEO

By Marcus Richard

As you may have noticed, there is a ton of buzz out there about video search and marketing for video search engines, and there are a few posts out there with good information on how to upload your videos to these search engines, but most do not provide insight into the specific needs of SEO for video.

To have a success in video search engine optimization, you should have knowledge of some key technical aspects involving online video and search.

Keyword research is important for Video search engine optimization. However, there are some key differences in terms of the methods that should be employed for keyword researching video terms. In order to know your target audience for seeing your videos, it is important to first conduct some research on keywords and compile a keyword list. This list can be obtained by doing some simple searches for a related product or service. There are not yet any keyword research tools specifically for video. Keep in mind that video searches at this point tend to be shorter keywords, not "long tail" searches. In addition, more than anything, your keyword list should have the word "video" in it. Examples - car videos, car video, racing video, automotive videos, etc....

So, after you have completed your keyword research, I would also suggest that you take an inventory of the various video search websites. In other words, take note of which sites have the highest traffic, which channels and categories are the most popular, etc... You will likely want to submit your video to as many sites as you can but it will certainly be important to get your video on the more popular search engines as well.

Well, as you know with keyword research, it is an ongoing process. It is important to pay attention to the feedback, comments, and links to existing related videos to find related keyword terms that you may have missed in your original keyword list.

Make sure that when you add your video to the video search sites that you allow users to comment on your videos. Videos that enable users to comment tend to get much more traffic. In addition, those users that do comment and provide feedback are more often the users that will result in a conversion.

It is much easier to get your video optimized and seen on search engine results pages when you are choosing a theme that does not already exist in mass. Dont make the mistake of creating videos that repeat videos already out there. Instead, choose fresh ideas and find a "content space" for your theme/keyword.

Studies have shown as well that users who watch videos are less interested in watching videos that are more than a few minutes in length. Try to target your videos to be less than 3 minutes in total length. If you have a very long video, perhaps try to create multiple segments or clips from the video targeting videos with 1-3 minutes in duration.

Finally, make sure that you take advantage of the fact that you can brand your video with a watermark logo, text for your URL, and additional information to get users back to your website or business. One of the main points for doing video SEO is to get users back to your destination.

So, if you want to get your video discovered, view, and consumed by more and more users, video search engine optimization is the way to go. This is a great new technique for getting maximum exposure to your business, and currently, this is such a new topic, that you can be one of the first to capture your keyword or theme with a video search result. - 16651

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Stylish Yet Affordable Handbags On Sale

By Joleen Davenport

Stylish handbags for sale can be seen here and there due to their high demand on the market. You can find them in boutiques, fashion houses, and malls of every place that you know. Right now, because of the modern technology, even online they can be found.

Well, there are lots of stylish handbags for sale made available online. And of course because they are for sale, they come with a price. Price starts from as low as $20 up to as much as $500.

Practically, because of the economic crisis that the world has been facing for some time now, it is of course best to go for stylish handbags with lesser price. Online, there are lots of these handbags, in trend and yet affordable.

These handbags are superbly in sync with the latest in fashion and market trends. Mostly, they are sophisticated at first look and have what it takes to make heads of others turn as you have your way to the streets. They also have good color combinations that will make you look lovelier.

Aside from the looks, these handbags are also durable. They are proven to be manufactured with utmost care and are believed to be evolutions of past chic handbags that made to hit the market well enough because of good features. More often, they are made out of the finest leather. Thus, they are a good one time investment. If used with utmost care, they may well last a lifetime. Not only they will act as a soothing balm to your body but also can meet your whims and needs with comfort.

Amongst the popular stylish yet affordable handbags you will most likely encounter include those soho bags, legacy bags, Hamptons bags and the like. Soho bags have been known to be always in sync with the latest styles and designs and have been through time to time innovations to suit needs of contemporary women who are much into fashion. While legacy bags have been into embracing to basic elements of new stuff in trend. They come in distinct styles perfect for any occasion or cause. Finally, Hamptons bags are made with rich materials like leather and suede. These bags have been well competitive in the market due to being stylish ever since with feminine detailing and streamlined silhouettes. Styles of these handbags come in carryall, satchel, hobo, flap or zip bag styles.

Above mentioned stylish yet affordable handbags are in wide range of styles online. Those of Coach's can be awesome purchases to suit your fashion needs and budget as well. Coach handbags, particularly Coach Soho handbags are awesome, they're great! However, you of course must be wise and practical enough when it comes to choosing one particular handbag for yourself. - 16651

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Fashion Sewing Possibilities

By Donna Trumble

Do you get excited when you see the newest fashions? Isnt it amazing how quickly fashion changes. The winds of change affect the styles and trends of clothing every season.

What is even more fun than watching fashion, is creating your own. As one who sews, you are in a very enviable position. You can imitate the most current trends and styles, or create something distinctly your own. You are in control. Only your imagination holds you back. Watch the fashion trends, and then create.

One thing you can be sure of when it comes to fashion, is that it is changing. The less than flattering styles of the recent past will be replaced. The things you were thrilled about will also pass.

King Solomon said, There is nothing new under the heavens. When it comes to fashion, he seems to be right on. A close look at the current fashions, reveals that designers resurrect features, styles, and trends of the past. They pick and choose to create new twists and turns to create fresh fashion styles. What stops you from doing the same thing? Nothing. You too can pick and choose from thousands of patterns to create your own fresh styles.

The hottest fashion trends can be yours. Pick and choose the styles you really like, because you can make them your own. Examine how the items are made, and imitate or create.

Be bold. Be confident. The possibilities are within your grasp. You can always buy a new pattern, use an older pattern, or take a class in doing your own pattern design. There is software available to help you design your personalized patterns including Dressmaker or My Design.

You might consider projects like: a slim skirt, great fitting slacks, fitted jacket, wide belt, shaped t-shirts, wrapped blouses and dresses, denim projects, and all kinds of embellished projects.

If you take just a few minutes to let your imagination run wild, you will come up with a million possibilities: easy wraps, straight skirts, embellished blouses, and jackets. There is no limit. The sewing projects you create will be your own fashion statement.

If it takes more than a few hours, some of us never get done. So, frequently, I will buy a cheap ready to wear garment and then do my thing. Since most ready to wear does not fit my body, I usually have to make some adjustments anyway. So, I do. With a touch of decorative threads, metallic embellishment, sparkles, changing a collar, or even embroidery, I take ordinary and turn it into extraordinary. As sewers, we can choose to design and sew from scratch or to transform a stock item. Either way, we are able to produce our own distinctive fashions.

Recycling is a popular theme today. By recycling what we find in our closet, we can create some amazing new styles. Take a visit to your closet. Look with a designers eye. What if you changed this on that? What if you added this to that? Just think a few minor alterations, enhancements, or embellishments could transform an old drab closet item into your latest style. Become the envy of your fashion world. Create. Remake.

What about color? The department stores cycle through different colors and styles based on what they think will sell. One year I wanted to buy a light green dress, but found the stores were in a blue cycle. There were no green dresses. But, I sew. So, I quickly put together my own fashion green. Now I didnt, but I could have even died my own fabric if I had wanted to. Color make a big difference. A touch here or there changes everything.

If you sew, you understand the thrill that comes from creating your own beautiful item. You can appreciate the joys, relaxation, and peace that sewing provides. Knowing that you can create your own fashions gives you control over your life non sewers can only dream about. Sewing offers so many benefits it is hard to think of them all.

The next time you visit a department store, look at the items with a new perspective. Look at how the item is made and the fabrics used. Consider how easy it would be for you to make the same item. Then check the price tag. You know, you could make that item usually or half or less. Of course, if their item is 70% off, because it has been on the rack for year it might be work. But dont you deserve the best, especially if you can sew it yourself?

Unlike the cast iron workhorses of ages past, the modern sewing machine is fun and easy to use. It has so many convenience features and sews so smoothly, that sewing our own styles is a pleasure. The satisfaction we gain cannot be measured. The supports and resources available to help us create and produce our own styles make it easier than ever. So, lets do it. Lets create. Lets sew our own styles. - 16651

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How Much Should One Expect to Pay for Prescription Glasses?

By Amy Nutt

Prescription glasses are not a cheap item, no matter how you look at it. When you buy glasses, you have to pay both for lenses and frames, not to mention the cost of the exam itself. If you need glasses, knowing how much to expect to pay ahead of time is very helpful.

The Cost of Frames Varies

The cost of the frames for your prescription glasses varies tremendously from pair to pair. Designer frames can cost several hundred dollars. For that price you get designer frames that would be the envy of any Hollywood star. You can also buy more affordable frames at discount prices for around $50 or less. Online merchants make it possible to get frames for even less, sometimes close to $20.

There are some special features that can increase the cost of frames. For instance, frames made out of a titanium-based allow known as Flexon are able to return to their normal shape after being damaged. These are great for people who work in high-impact jobs or play sports on a regular basis, but they also cost more. This lightweight, corrosion-resistant material is very popular, making it very popular, and therefore more expensive.

The most affordable frames are plastic frames, but again, designer models will cost more. There are many different metals used to make eyeglass frames as well. High-end frames are often made out of titanium or aluminum, creating a polished look. Monel is the most common metal used in eyeglass frames.

The Cost of Lenses

Frames are not the only things that cost a lot when you are buying eyeglasses. Lenses also contribute to the price of your glasses. Single prescription lenses come in a variety of materials and with several coating options, and each of these adds to the cost.

The cheapest option for your lenses is plastic. Plastic lenses are lightweight and fairly durable, but they do scratch easily. You will pay more to get a scratch-resistant coating on these glasses, but you may find that it pays for itself by making your glasses last longer. You will also pay more if you need special features like slim lenses, which are often necessary if you have a strong prescription.

Polycarbonate is another option you have for your frames. These are lightweight and provided added UV protection, but they cost more than plastic. If you have a strong prescription and wear your glasses all of the time, the lighter weight and UV protection may make the cost worthwhile.

If you have bifocals or trifocals, your lenses will cost even more. Remember, these glasses are basically two or three pairs of glasses in one pair of lenses. Other additional features, such as glasses that darken when you go in the sun or glasses with a glare resistant coating, will increase the cost. On average, frame can cost between $50 and $300, depending on what you choose for them.

Options for Saving Money

Since a pair of glasses could cost as much as $400, depending on the frames you choose and the lenses you need, you are probably wondering how you can save money on them. One option is to shop online. But cutting out a lot of the overhead that a brick and mortar retailer has, online retailers can offer the same lenses and designer frames for a much more reasonable price. Look for a site that has a money back offer, however, because you do not want to be stuck with a shoddy pair of glasses by a less-than-scrupulous company.

Another option is to shop at a 'big box' retailer. Discount stores like Wal-Mart and warehouse stores often have optical departments. These locations typically have a lower cost for their materials because they buy in such tremendous quantities, so you will save money. Remember, you have options if you shop around, so take your time to find an affordable eye care provider. - 16651

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Kate Mack Bathing Suits - Get set to get wet!

By James Mayfieldson

Being one of the most multicultural and diverse brands in the world, Tea is no doubt a truly unique way of expressing your sense of fashion and taste in childrens wear. With the concept of global fashion fusion, Tea has become a popular brand amongst many, and that is why, here, at Pure and Honest Kids, you will find the complete range of Tea products and items. Tea celebrates the cultures of the world and universal similarity in them, making it a truly global brand.

The Kate Mack offers a diverse range of bathing suits for Girls and boys, and there is always something that suits you and your baby perfectly. If you are searching for the ideal attire for your young man, the Kate Mack for boys will have exactly what you are looking for. The Amadou Striped Sweater Polo for instance is a wonderful example of the Kate Macks ability to bring a sense of style and class in to all types of clothes, and combine them with the perfect cultural feel. This shirt from the Kate Macks Ancient Elegance is exactly that, a classic, but with an urban touch as well. This well designed shirt may be just the type of styling you are looking for your young man, and the sterling blue is defiantly going to get him all the attention in the world. This is an easy to wash shirt and is made out of 100% Pima cotton, so there is no compromise on quality what so ever.

Another daily wear item you simply must pickup from the Kate Macks wide range, is the Chambray Denim Pants. This will be a daily concern, and that is why these super tough Denim pants are made to last, with the classic Denim look your ensuring hours of tension free fun. These Pants from the Kate Mack are very soft and comfortable at the same time, again being a pure cotton affair; these Pants are a perfect fit for your little boy.

Again from the Ancient Elegance collection, but this time, one for the ladies, thats right, this special Ancient Embroidery dress from Kate Mack is an absolute stunner. This dress will make your Princess feel like royalty and there is no denying its true splendor. This is another beautiful design from the Kate Mack and is a tank styled dress with well-designed buttons at the back, and comes in milk white.

Are you ready to go east? Well this Aomori Hooded Top by the Kate Mack will make sure you go to Japan and back. Having taken inspiration from woodblock artwork from Japan, this beautiful hoodie with an Aomori print is something that will defiantly spice up the wardrobe a bit. With its in your face bold colors and oriental design, this Aomori Hooded top is going to be the center of everyones attention. The Kate Mack has a massive variety of garments for both boys and girls, so do be sure you consider all the available options, here at Pure and Honest Kids. - 16651

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What's in a name?"

By Angelina

You might have thought about this question: Is there any distinction between a replica Louis Vuitton handbag and an authentic Louis Vuitton handbag? Well, the only difference is: the price. A replica Louis Vuitton handbag is less expensive, but you will get the same fashionable style and unique brand name as an authentic Louis Vuitton handbag.

There are people who have the opinion that an authentic Louis Vuitton handbag is of better quality than a replica Louis Vuitton handbag. What they don't know is that many fashion brands, including Louis Vuitton, often produce their merchandise in foreign countries like China or India because labor and materials are a lot more economical there.

Some might frown upon replica Louis Vuitton handbags because they are not of Italian origin. However, if you scrutinize an authentic Louis Vuitton handbag, you may realize that there's actually a "Made in China" label somewhere inside, probably in a concealed or unseen part of the bag.

Even if you don't find the telltale label, that doesn't mean that the authentic Louis Vuitton handbag is truly made in Italy, as many fashion boutiques like to boast. Perhaps you may find that up to 90 percent of the Louis Vuitton bag was made in China and the final 10 percent was added in Italy, thus allowing it to earn a "Made in Italy" label. Or perhaps the manufacturers produced the authentic Louis Vuitton handbag in Italy using illegal foreign laborers. Under these circumstances, can anyone fairly say that an authentic Louis Vuitton handbag is superior to a replica Louis Vuitton handbag?

Just think about this: an authentic Louis Vuitton handbag is made in a factory in a foreign land. Lowly-paid laborers work on these authentic Louis Vuitton handbags. In the same neighborhood, another factory just down the road is making replica Louis Vuitton handbags, using the materials of the same quality as the other factory.

The handbag costs about $100 to produce in both factories. But the authentic Louis Vuitton handbag is then sold to you in a high-end retail outlet for $2000. The replica Louis Vuitton handbag is made available to buyers on the Internet at a much lower price.

So the product itself is identical -- but the price certainly isn't! An authentic Louis Vuitton handbag sells at an unreasonably higher price than a replica Louis Vuitton handbag. But the fact is: an authentic Louis Vuitton handbag is not more special than a Louis Vuitton replica. There is no difference between them at all.

This leads to another question: what is the reason for this vast difference in price? Louis Vuitton will claim that you are paying this significant premium because an authentic Louis Vuitton handbag carries their exclusive, legendary brand name. But to quote Shakespeare, the famous bard: "What's in a name?" And the best part is: you'll be able to show off the same brand logo, which is also printed on your replica Louis Vuitton handbag!

So, what's the real difference between an authentic Louis Vuitton handbag and a replica Louis Vuitton handbag? Here's the answer. Getting an authentic Louis Vuitton handbag might break your bank account; but buying a replica Louis Vuitton handbag won't! So the choice is up to you -- be sure that you make the right one! - 16651

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Pearl Jewelry - Always a hit!

By Trint lakeland

Bracelets " The pearl jewelry Way!

I want to find the perfect two toned bracelet. Any suggestions?

There are many different styles of bracelets in the pearl jewelry way. When looking for one of these bracelets, you can search online, or go to the local jewelry shop. There are bracelets, and bangles that are made in the two toned style. There are also a few cuffs that are made in this fashion. When looking, you may want to decide upon what style of bracelet that you want to purchase. These pearl jewelry items are simply too good to pass up when looking for a bracelet. There are beaten gold, fancy gold and woven gold among the choices that are available to you when searching for a bracelet of this type anywhere.

What is a fancy bracelet?

A fancy bracelet is so named because the pearl jewelry is usually created in a fancy way. These designs are not your normal run of the mill designs for a bracelet. They are designed to look nice and to be worn with nice clothes. Hence the term fancy. These designs range from the simply elegant to the sublime. There are bracelets that have fancy designs incorporated into the pearl jewelry bracelet. These designs can be an elegant pattern or they can be shapes and forms. These bracelets are fun to wear and make a wonderful fashion statement with any type of clothing that you wish to wear.

How about if I want a bangle bracelet instead?

That is no problem. These pearl jewelry items are easily found both online and in store. Bangle bracelets are also very popular with the younger crowd and are a perfect gift to give that special someone. These bangles can come is baby, cuff, and wide just to name a few of the styles of bangle bracelets that are available to you when searching through the pearl jewelry items either online or at a store. They also can come with semi-precious stoned inlaid in them, or they can have designs hammered into the bangle itself. These fun bracelets are a joy to wear and fun to give as a gift to anyone. Who doesnt love jewelry as a gift?

Can I get a watch in this style of jewelry?

Absolutely! There are many watches that are created in the pearl jewelry. Even famous names such as Seiko and Citizen manufacture these watches in two tone gold. These watches are beautiful and should have pride of place on your wrist. These wonderful watches make a very clear fashion statement and also help keep time accurately. These watches are also comparably prices with most other watches in the pearl jewelry. These watches are functional and beautiful at the same time and will give you hours on enjoyment as well as functioning as a time piece. These watches are top notch and fully functioning as well as being an excellent conversation piece. - 16651

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When Would You Use a Custom Mascot?

By A Nutt

There is any number of reasons for a business to have a Loonie Times mascot in this day and age. Even if a company doesn't do television advertising or a whole lot of public appearances, a mascot could be the one thing that sets them apart from the competition and thereby increases the potential for creating new sources of revenue by bringing in new customers.

Why Go Custom

Some companies choose the same old tired, ordinary, run of the mill representations that have already been done to death, and then they wonder why the additional investment of adding a mascot into their forms of advertising doesn't pay very many dividends.

What they are failing to realize, is that using the same exact type of mascot that every other business in their industries uses won't set their business apart at all. So by choosing the same type of mascot that everyone else has chosen, you run the risk of not getting noticed at all or, worse yet, having your business getting confused with one of your competitors.

To attract both the most and the right kind of attention you need a cleverly thought out and completely original mascot to represent your company - something that offers a perfect illustration of the product or service that you provide, but that has never been done before.

How to go about it

You don't need to be a professional artist or design major to put the perfect plan of attack for developing your mascot together, but you will need to have a very clear idea of what you are looking for and you'll need to be able to clearly express your vision to someone that can put it together.

You'll need to know "what" your mascot is; is it an animal, vegetable, mineral or some strange combination of the three. You'll have to know what size, shape and color he or she will be, as well as how you are going to connect the new creation to the particular product or service that your company provides.

Remember that once you have your cleverly developed and completely original custom mascot in a position of representing your company to the public, that your business will be permanently associated with the created character, so this is certainly not a decision that should be entered into too lightly. Quite the contrary, in fact, - a great deal of thought, planning and preparation should go into the development of your custom mascot.

Developing and implementing a custom mascot into your company's advertising campaign could very well pay dividends far beyond the work and monetary investment that it took to create it.

With potentially hundreds and hundreds of businesses out there competing for the exact same customers, a mascot painted brilliantly on the side of your building, emblazoned across a twenty foot billboard, or jumping from the pages of the phone book could very well be the reason that your company gets picked over a competitors.

Companies spend millions and millions of dollars a year on advertising campaigns that may or may not work to get them noticed, but the creation of your custom mascot would be a one time investment that could pay dividends for as long as your company's doors are open. It could get your company noticed by new customers, and if you've got the quality service to go along with it, a good custom mascot design will make it easier for your company to get recognized and remembered.

When considering how many potential customers are out there and how much your competitors are paying for nearly futile types of advertising - it should seem like the creation of a custom mascot could be the greatest investment that your company could make. - 16651

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Vegan knee high boots show you care

By Stephanie Stevens

Vegan knee high boots can be as sexy knee high boots as regular animal material boots. Vegan knee high boots are perfect for work or leisure. Vegan knee high boots can have fur lining that keep your legs warm as furs from animal material.

Knee High Boots boast of being lovely as well as delicate with all man made materials. Vegan knee high boots have slip on designs which will add some character to your outfit. Designs vary from decorative black or green as well as tan outer. Vegan knee high boots can also have somewhat padded insole with and rubberized sole.

Vegan knee high boots give terrific value for your money. They are very pretty boots as well as very comfortable. You are sure to receive a lot of compliment. Vegan knee high boots will surely heat up your cold winter day or night. They will sure to wow anyone who sees them on you. Just be sure you got the right style for your body. Women with larger legs will look real sexy with a pair of vegan knee high stretch boots.

Comfort is a huge factor to consider with knee high boots. It is almost a requirement that you should be able to prance around with ease with your knee high boots or it all goes to waste. Imagine a beautiful and seductive knee high boots on someone who is visible uncomfortable with it. It is not a sexy sight, to say the least.

For skinny legs, a vegan slouch knee high boots complimented by a slender heel should make your leg look fuller. Women with thinner legs should go for vegan knee high boots that add bulk to your feet.

With vegan high boots, vegans do not have to be denied the good things about wearing high boots for practical or simply being flashy with fashionable footwear. Vegan high boots allow you to go high fashion and feel good about it without feeling guilt for the animals that died for it. - 16651

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Friday, January 30, 2009

Claesens Baby Clothes - These are the best!

By Tony Roberto

If you happen to be looking for the ideal brand of clothing for you babys or kids, you need not look further than Claesens, being one of the best selling brands in Europe; Claesens offers a complete range of clothing for kids. Here, at Pure and Honest Kids you will find exactly what you are looking for in a matter of minutes, and with Claesens you can be sure you will only get the best. With fun prints and a wonderful usage of colors, Claesens is the ideal choice, offering you everything you can possibly need. So do make sure you checkout the entire selection of Claesens products here at Pure and Honest Kids, giving you so much more.

Claesens has a very impressive baby boy clothing collection, with lots of adorable clothing options for your little boy. Like this Claesens Camouflage Lap Shoulder Onesie, available in the absolutely delightful camouflage print, this is the ideal onesie for your baby boy. With its super soft feel and adorable look, you will have no choice but to surrender without a fight, to this amazing baby onesie by Claesens. This baby onesie comes in pure cotton and is just perfect for easy machine washes.

The Claesens baby girl clothing collection is also worth looking into, for that ideal baby outfit. Consider the super cool and comfortable Claesens Brown Birds Shirt, which is just what your baby needs for everyday wear, making it her favorite tee by far; she will look adorable in it. With lots of little birds and critters printed on the front, and a combination of a white dotted finish on a brown back drop, you will be as happy as she is, to see her in it. Very soft and comfortable, this is just what your little baby girl needs.

How about the classic Claesens Blue short sleeved T-shirt, for mamas little blue eyed boy? This great tee by Claesens is going to be his favorite T-shirt by far, and there is no way he will want to wear anything else after he gets into it for the first time. Coming in a basic blue color and piped with contrasting orange this is quite a trendy eye-catching T-shirt. Careful though, he just might get too much attention, but then again whats so bad about that, right? This durable and easy to wash T-shirt will be his outfit of choice by far.

How about something for the ladies? Well, the Claesens girls clothing collection is quite versatile and you are bound to find exactly what you are looking for here, at Pure and Honest Kids, taking care of your every need. The Claesens Coral Birds leggings are so much fun and add that extra spunk to your Princesses wardrobe. She is just going to love the stylish bird print with its fabulous looking pink finish, which can be matched with a number of Claesens tops, making it the perfect legging for her.

Pure and Honest Kids is where you need go the next time you want to make an addition to your kids wardrobe, taking care of your every need. - 16651

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American Crew Shampoo: The Best in Men's Hair Care American Crew

By Jennifer Summers

American Crew Shampoo... some of the finest shampoos available for men's hair. Using very high quality natural ingredients, American Crew Shampoo delivers first rate cleansing, conditioning and treatment while promoting a classic style for men's grooming products. There are 6 shampoos in the American Crew Shampoo range.

American Crew Tea Tree Shampoo is an ideal moisturizing cleanser for the hair and scalp. Using a blend of herbs and natural oils, this Tea Tree shampoo cleanses and treats both the scalp and the hair. With American Crew Tea Tree Shampoo your hair is gently restored and conditioned. Tea Tree Oil - Serves as an antiseptic and cleansing agent and helps to heal scalp issues. Nettle Extract - A nourishing tonic that stimulates circulation of the scalp. Irish Moss Extract - Soothes irritations and nourishes hair and scalp. Black Tea Extract - A protective antioxidant that has topical anti-inflammatory benefits.

American Crew Daily Moisturizing Shampoo naturally tones and moisturizes the hair and scalp. This moisturising shampoo contains Hydrolized Wheat Protein, Sage Extract and Rice Bran oil to moisturize and condition the hair without weighing it down. American Crew Daily Moisturizing Shampoo soothes and replenishes, leaving the scalp healthy and refreshed. This shampoo is ideal for dry hair. Rosemary Thyme Extracts - Naturally tones and moisturizes the scalp. Rice Bran Oil - Adds sheen, elasticity and moisture. Quillaja (Panama Bark) - Gentle, natural cleanser that doesn't strip natural oils from the hair. Chamomile Extract - Soothing, softening and moisturizing agent.

American Crew Peppermint Cleanse Shampoo Liberate your hair and scalp with American Crew Peppermint Cleanse Shampoo. Formulated with Peppermint and Tea Tree Oils, this deep cleansing shampoo removes build-up of styling product, excessive dirt and oil and environmental pollutants that weigh hair down. Rosemary Extract - Naturally moisturizes and conditions hair and scalp. Peppermint Oil - Stimulates the scalp and helps to break down residue in the hair. Hops - A natural astringent with antioxidant and antibacterial properties. Tea Tree Oil - Natural antiseptic that promotes healing, penetrates quickly and is beneficial for problematic skin. Ginseng Root Extract - Nourishes and tones the scalp without over drying.

American Crew Daily Shampoo contains Panama Bark extract, a natural cleanser that gently cleanses and conditions the hair and scalp, and doesn't strip natural oils from the hair. This popular shampoo also contains Wheat Protein which adds shine and strength while Rosemary and Thyme extracts naturally tone and moisturize the scalp. American Crew Daily Shampoo is suitable for normal to dry hair. Rosemary Thyme Extracts - Naturally tones and moisturizes the scalp. pH Balanced - Avoids drying the hair and scalp. Quillaja (Panama Bark) - Gentle, natural cleanser that doesn't strip natural oils from the hair. Wheat Protein - Adds shine and strength.

American Crew Citrus Mint Active Shampoo is a balancing shampoo for everyday use. Citrus Mint Shampoo contains a balancing blend of natural citrus cleansers that work to gently remove dirt without stripping the hair of essential oils. Peppermint and Spearmint stimulate the scalp. This citrus shampoo is excellent for all hair types and is also safe for color treated hair. All Natural Oils (a blend of Lime, Orange, Peppermint and Spearmint) - No synthetic fragrances. Natural, gentle cleansers that won't strip hair of essential oils. Natural fragrance that cleanses, soothes and awakens the senses. Certified organic grapefruit extract. Polyquaterium-10 - A complex conditioning agent that provides volume and improves hair texture and imparts natural shine. Wheat Protein - Increases hair strength and sheen. Color Safe - Excellent on color treated hair - will not cause color fading.

American Crew Anti Dandruff Shampoo is formulated for problem scalps, effectively promoting healthy looking hair and scalp. The active ingredient, Zinc Pyrithione, helps prevent the itching and flaking associated with dandruff. This dandruff shampoo gently cleanses conditions and moisturizes leaving hair feeling great. Methylisothiazolinone - Antimicrobial and antifungal agent. Zinc Pyrithione - Helps prevent itching and flaking associated with dandruff. Menthol - Cools and refreshes the scalp.

American crew provide shampoos that cover all the needs a man could have for his hair, whether it is problem hair, colored hair, or even just a normal shampoo to be used in a daily basis. - 16651

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Prominent New York Reporter Verifies FREE Goooogle PPC's

By patrick quinn

My name is Roger Preston. I am a journalist for various publications in upstate New York, as well as the New England area.

I was recently given the opportunity to interview the group of professionals at whose flagship product is entitled "Get Google Ads Free."

In April of 2007 "Get Google Ads Free" was launched, and the effect was nothing less than equal to "the shot heard around the world!"

Within just weeks people everywhere were talking, and other top-notch online marketers were bustling to sell it as an Affiliate for the company.

But here's a little insight that 99.9% of everyone the world over doesn't know:

The Product's greatest endorser is none other than Google itself!

That's right. As shocking as it may seem, Google has NO problem with the course that reveals how anyone can get ads on their search engine for Free!

Now, at this point I know you must be curious as to how such a thing is possible, as Google gets its M0NEY from the sale of both AdSense (where webmasters allow Google to show their ads on their pages) and AdWords (PPCs) .

One might think that any information that revealed how an advertiser could get their AdWords pay-per-clicks free would hurt Google's business, and therefore Google would not want anyone finding out about it.

WRONG! It seems that the secret system developed by the retired native New York doctor contains an interesting "twist" that while allowing advertisers to eliminate their AdWords costs, it does not reduce a single D0LLAR in AdWords revenue for Google.

In fact, just the opposite!

I cannot give away the secret here because that's why it's available in the first place.

But I can tell you that by applying what's inside "Get Google Ads Free" that:

- Google loses NO money $ - Google actually can produce even more M0NEY $!! - Advertisers gain an instant practically unfair advantage over anyone not knowing what's inside "Get Google Ads Free!" - Advertisers can now afford to outbid their rivals! - Advertisers are not at risk any more as their advertising budgets N0 longer matter!

Wow! And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

Now, where's the definitive PROOF that Google endorses the amazing system shown in "Get Google Ads Free?"

I posed this question to company spokesperson and Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Mr Todd Coutrin, to which he replied:


"We started our launch like we always do with any product online, using Google AdWords to offer our Product.

"We used keywords that contained the word 'free' so we expected the usual HOLD these keywords usually cause any campaign using them to experience.

"But when our campaign was paused by Google for a tad more time than what we regularly anticipated, then we became alarmed.

"I actually made a call directly to Google at 1-866-2-GOOGLE and spoke with a customer services rep who said she'd check into what was happening.

"She returned my call 16 hours later and let me know that due to the specific nature of the Product in question (i.e., the ebook "Get Google Ads Free!") their team at Google secured the product, read it all the way trough, and then realizing it would NOT hurt their *revenue* but actually increase it, they immediately un-paused and resumed our ads"


Amazing! They actually got what amounts to a Signed Certificate of APPROVAL from Google itself!

Therefore, anyone who questions the veracity or legality concerning "Get Google Ads Free!" need not fuss at all.

Yet, the usual "naysayers" seemed to take no notice of the obvious fact that if Google had an issue with "Get Google Ads Free!" then we all wouldn't be seeing all the PPC ads at Google each time we type in the keywords and phrases:

- free ads - free advertising - "Get Google Ads Free" - free ppc - free adwords

And so on!

Yet, there are many very obstinate, even foolish, among us ...

The "Crybaby Syndrome

To be fair, I must also inform you of those who seem to be out to get the company for sharing their amazing secret with the world.

In what seems nothing more than a ploy to get attention, a UK online firm operated by two "wanna-be" law students have a Blog that talks the usual trash about this particular Product.

The Blog's owner, Rob Scott, talks big by claiming the secret system to be nothing short of a scam! He even irresponsibly throws around the potentially libelous phrase ".con (Ooops, I meant .com)" as an attempt at childish humor in order to bash the firm's reputation.

What's outrageous is that this individual is actually a student of law (at least that's what he claims) so one would think that he should perhaps check the facts before proceeding with such careless remarks.

After all, he admits severally that he "never even ordered the ebook" so how could he honestly know whether or not it was a valid system - not to mention it is assumed he's at least reasonably intelligent since (according to him) he got into law school, that he would be able to see for himself the firm's Affiliates' ads all over Google, and therefore reason that Google itself is perhaps the firm's chief supporter.

But stubbornness runs rampant, I suppose.

Ironically Rob says that the only reason he attacks the firm is because "it's a no brainer that this must be a scam," and he got "tired of seeing all those little AdSense ads on his page that people kept clicking on" (which by the way only stood to get him lots of M0NEY!) -- yet he accepts D0NATIONS on his site as a poor, struggling law student in need of paying for his education, and rather than legitimately earn an INC0ME from AdSense with an APPROVED Product.

Sadly, Rob actually censors most of his Blog to keep those who wish to post POSITIVES concerning "Get Google Ads Free!" can't even do so. (*But what would you expect from a "wanna-be" lawyer?)

He even posts what appears to be an actual response by the firm's lawyer, but which looks to be nothing more than his own posts disguised and designed to make himself look better (as anyone can see that the dialogue appears "manufactured" instead of genuine).

What some people will do to project themselves as "Savior to the rest of us" and "The People's Advocate." How ridiculous indeed.

Despite the "crybaby" from across the pond, Rob Snot (Ooops! I must have meant "Rob Scott!") has failed miserably to put even a dent in the firm's sales!

Plus, traffic is on the rise rocketing up from an average of 14,OOO visitors daily to now well over 2O,OOO visitors daily (a jump of 42% in daily traffic alone! -- Keep up the good work, Rob!!)

Anyway, don't be dissuaded in your decision to build your online business by eliminating your Google AdWords costs, as the course "Get Google Ads Free!" not only reveals precisely how you can do this, but it goes 10 steps further by giving you all kinds of other amazing strategies I can't even begin to allude to here.

Plus, the e-Course comes with a huge number of resources that go far beyond the usual variety of instantly-clickable extra values!

Lastly never forget that even though quite elderly now, Dr Jon Cohen has even set new records finishing ahead of himself by now having:

- Grossed over $4OO Million in revenues!! - and SAVED over $1OO Million in Google advertising costs!! - attained a personal wealth above $8O million

...all due to his own system!

*NOTE: Rob Scott is broke and demands D0NATIONS! (Ha!)

Talk about putting your $M0NEY$ where your mouth is!!

So if you'd like to get in on all the action, then go grab this amazing "BREAKTHROUGH" for yourself only at:


As one very famous Internet Marketer said it best:

"This is a weapon that should be in every Internet and Affiliate Marketer's arsenal and library!"

Get it directly from the good doctor himself! - 16651

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Swipe File Secrets

By John Anghelache

The late, Gary C. Halbert, is my favorite copywriting mentor. Not only was he ultra-successful but he could teach the art and science of crafting ad copy like nobody's business.

Gary was all about leveraging resources to make life easy. For instance, imagine you decide to write a book about getting healthy and fit.

What should you do?

Would it be a good idea to get a degree in a health and fitness field? Would it be a good idea to take years to study the subject? Would it be a good idea to find the best health and fitness product? No. An easier strategy exists to get your hands on the best health and fitness information available. And you won't have to do all the work on your own.

Instead of doing things the hard way, Gary would recommend you go out and buy the top selling books and ebooks on dieting. Then you clam up in your office or the library and read. While reading jot down notes. Lots of them. And take out all of the unique, exclusive dieting tips, tricks and secrets in each of those best sellers.

Take your notes and write that report on horse racing. And this report will contain the best of the best tips, secrets and tricks that you took out of the books and reports you read. The final result is a valuable report packed with great information horse racing fans will love.


This lesson applies to crafting promotions. You can shortcut the entire process and create great space ads... websites... and... other forms of advertising quickly.

The technical term for this copywriting technique is called... swiping. And boy does it ever work! Gary even held an entire seminar on copywriting. The bulk of that seminar focused on how to swipe blockbuster ads ethically and legally.

You do not have to become a great copywriter to swipe. Learn to do it the right way and a lot of obstacles to creating advertising that works will disappear.

Learn to swipe and life gets easier when preparing ads...

** Thing's like writer's block will no longer plague you. Everything you need to begin writing a great ad will be there in the swipe. Blundering your way through thinking about what to write won't be a problem either. The swipe contains everything you need.

** You'll write promotions at warp speed. Swiping allows you to write faster. Again, part of the reason is because you wont have to guess. You can look at a great ad and almost fill in the blanks with your copy.

** The ads you write could be three times more responsive. Think about it. You are essentially modeling success. When you do that success is on your side.

So the idea is to build a swipe file and use it when creating ads. - 16651

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The Origins of Blu-ray

By Marcus Stevenson

Blu-ray is currently the standard high definition format. Most people know this little fact, but the history behind the Blu-ray disc and other high definition technology remains a mystery.

Before high definition discs could be thought of, there had to be high definition. It was in 1998 that HDTVs became commercially available, but the market did not have any compatible products to go with the new TVs.

High definition requires a vast amount of data to operate. All the types of media that could be purchased did not meet this need. The apparent method of increasing storage capacity was to use a blue laser.

Blue lasers already did exist, but they were prodigious and costly. The creation of blue laser diodes enabled blue lasers to be used in a commercial setting. This was the key that allowed Blu-ray and HD DVD to be developed.

After this invention, Sony and Philips started working together to create a medium which utilized the blue laser diodes. The original projects were known as Ultra Density Optical and DVR Blue. These were the prototypes to modern Blu-ray.

The prototypes were further developed and perfected until the beginning of 2002. It was then that the Blu-ray Disc Association was launched by less than ten initial members.

In 2004, Blu-ray was totally completed after many years of development. The only hindering factor was the necessity of a protective shell, but that was eliminated in 2005.

Millions of dollars were invested in the Blu-ray project, and the return was exceptional. Blu-ray is the only high definition format and is expected to hold that position. - 16651

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Advice On When and Why To Buy A Tuxedo

By Victor Santerino

Tuxedos are often rented rather than purchased, and for good reason. Many people will never have a need to purchase a tux and shouldn't. However, you should decide whether you are one of these people before continuing to rent.

This article will help you decide whether you should still be renting or whether you should purchase your next tuxedo. You will learn the key question to ask yourself along with some reasons why you might want to purchase rather than rent.

The main question to ask yourself is, how often do I need to wear a tuxedo? If you answered with more than once every two years than you probably need to consider buying a tux.

Tuxedos are not as expensive as many people think. The fact is, if you are wearing a tuxedo more than once in a two year period you will make your money back on your purchase relatively quick.

Tuxedo accessories will mostly never even need to be purchased. The reason for this is that many people already have them in the form of suit accessories. Black dress shoes, belts, and dress shirts can all be found in one's closet.

Renting is a hassle that you do not want to participate in if you don't have to. The entire process of going to the shop, looking at tuxedos, inspecting for damage, picking up the tuxedo before the event, and finally bringing it back to the shop is extremely time consuming.

Finally, when you buy a tuxedo you get to enjoy the pride of ownership feeling that comes with all great purchases. After making your purchase you become one of the elite that own their own black tie outfits.

I hope this article has been some use to you. Please bookmark this page and recommend it to your friends and family members. - 16651

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Photoshop - Batch Processing

By David Peters

If you weren't already aware, Photoshop has these great features called Actions. Actions can be used for many things, including doing the mundane tasks you don't feel like doing, creating amazing effects, and maximizing productivity.

I recently had the pleasure of a little thing called Batch Processing. I'm a dedicated designer, but there was no way I was going sit in front of my computer for hours changing the Hue/Saturation for every single image for my forum. What is Batch Processing, you say? Well, it's something that processes a batch,and I'm going to show you how to do it.

When you create an action you need it to do one thing, whatever that "thing" may be. In my case, I needed to change the Hue/Saturation for 80+ images from aqua to my "trademark" teal. You may need to create an action for a different purpose; however for now lets all agree we are going to change the Hue/Saturation. Now, to follow along you'll need something to work on. Grab a small image, like an icon.

Now go to Window - Actions and make sure it is checked. If it is, you should see a tab in the Layers Palette labeled, of course, Actions.

Click on the arrow button to enter the Actions menu and then "new Set." This will create a folder for your newly created action (the folder is not mandatory, but it does help with organization.)

Now go back to the Actions menu and choose "New Action." Have an idea of the steps you'll need to take and their order before recording an action. Since this is a fairly simple action, you will master this in no time at all.

Now for the recording part. There will be a small circle icon between the square and the triangle at the bottom of the palette that you will need to click. Now Photoshop will record everything you do until the end of the Action. If you have an error, simply stop the Action by pushing the square icon and go back to your last step taken.

For this tutorial, the first thing to do is change the Mode of the image to RGB, since .gif files are saved in Index mode which don't respond well to colorization. Go to Image - Mode - RGB with the Action recording.

Next, we'll have to strip the image of it's current color to make adding our (my) own color easier to apply, so go to Image - Adjustment - Desaturate.

There will be a naked grey image left to which we need to add some color. While still recording your action, go to Image - Adjustments - Hue/Saturation. I keep the rose color settings saved in a .ahu (Hue/Saturation) file already so all I have to do is press Load and select Rose.ahu, but you can achieve this color by using the sliders.

Our final step is to save it for the web. Make sure your action still recording and go to File - Save For the Web and set your file type and optimization settings. I use the standard GIF settings. Select your destination directory and save.

Now you can press the square button on the actions tab and stop recording. To put your newly created action into action, we'll need to do a Batch Process. A batch process will take all the images in a specified directory and apply whatever changes were recorded in the action.

Begin by going to File -Automate - Batch and make sure the name of the Action Set you just made is in the first dropdown list and the name of the Action is in the second. Set the third dropdown box (next to Source) to Folder and use the Choose button to find your duplicated or created folder of images. For destination, you can leave it set to it's default "None" to have the action applied and saved in the source folder, or save the "actionized" images into a separate folder. Click OK once you have everything set to your liking..

Now you can sit back and watch your images color themselves because you're using Actions and Batch Processing to do your tedious work. - 16651

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Sterling Silver Jewelry - Choose Queen Bee in 2009

By Yella Jamer

sterling silver jewelry " Best Sellers

What is a best seller for this type of jewelry?

There are many different types of best sellers when speaking about sterling silver jewelry. Engagement and wedding bands are some of the top sellers in this line. Rings, bracelets and earrings are also some top sellers. Even tennis bracelets are popular using this particular combination. But the highest seller is usually wedding bands and engagement rings. These are always popular given that weddings and engagements are usually the most important event in someones life. sterling silver jewelry comes to the rescue every time. These wonderful rings are a perfect statement of love and intent and can be presented to those couples that are about to be married and used in engagement rings.

What about other types of jewelry such as watches?

sterling silver jewelry watches are also a good seller. The combination of two different gold types or the combination of gold and another metal makes for a strong and colorful watch with the function of a well oiled time piece. These sterling silver jewelry pieces are a must for the well dressed person. Be it man or woman or child, these watches keep the time and have a classy look about them. They say I am Someone and also shout I am well dressed and well put together. They come in various styles and are fully functioning time pieces that are worthy of attention.

I like necklaces.

There are plenty of necklaces that are under the sterling silver jewelry line. There are everything from pendants and plain necklaces to fancy Figaro necklaces and everything in between. Necklaces can have diamonds or precious stones attached to them. These colorful necklaces are a wonderful addition to someones wardrobe and are enough to dress up any outfit, no matter what it is. sterling silver jewelry also sells a lot of mens and womens necklaces. There are many different lengths and styles to choose from, so you really cant go wrong when choosing this type of jewelry either as a gift, or as something for yourself to wear.

There is so much to choose from!

Yes, there is so much sterling silver jewelry to choose from. There are so many different designs in all forms of jewelry that is covered under this umbrella that you would be hard pressed not to find something to your liking and in your price range. This sterling silver jewelry is a hot seller and everyone wants to own at least one piece of this type of jewelry. It has such a classy look and when dealing with gold, it is very desirable in any type of jewelry. When looking at sterling silver jewelry, with all the selection that is available to you, it is hard not to find something to like or to own. This jewelry is priced comparatively to other types of jewelry. So come on and check out the sterling silver jewelry collection at your local store or online. - 16651

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Plus Size Jewelry - Jewelry that fits!

By Ingles Hernendez

Where can I find a decent bracelet to fit me?

When looking through plus size jewelry, you can find decent prices on rings that are forged in this fashion. They come in all shapes and styles. If you want to know where to find them, then listen to me. You can find them in any jewelry store or on your favorite jewelry site online. You can even locate rings of this type on shopping networks such as EBay, HSN and QVC for starters. Now bear in mind that some rings do cost more dependent upon where you get these plus size jewelry from. So that is why you may pay more for a ring at one of these places versus an online jewelry store.

What kinds of rings can I find?

Rings in plus size jewelry range from wedding bands to mens, womens and childrens rings. So you have your choice of many different ring styles and colors, not to mention stones and other markings that this plus size jewelry will have. Some of the stones included in these rings include diamond, ruby, emerald, sapphire and garnet.

That is just a short list of the stones that can be put into one of these rings. There is also animal design rings such as dolphins and cats that can be made out of these materials. Other designs include but are not limited to Celtic designs, leaf designs, cut outs and geometric designs.

Ok, What about childrens rings?

There are also childrens rings in the plus size jewelry. Some designs that come up often are those that are engravable, a princess ring with a gold tiara, initial rings and character rings just to name a few of the rings that you will find when looking for childrens rings. Manufacturers such as Disney make a lot of the character rings that are currently sold for children using this process. Initial rings are also popular with the younger crowd. Rings that have joined hearts are also popular. When looking into plus size jewelry, you will find that there is a wide selection for childrens rings using this process. So you can purchase a childrens ring with confidence.

Mens rings are also a good seller, right?

Yes, you are correct! Mens plus size jewelry, especially those done in rings are very popular and are good sellers. These rings are bold and make a statement, saying that the person has a lot of class. These rings can even have cameos on them, which is sometimes a popular ring design when using the two tone gold process.

These plus size jewelry items are good sellers as well as being highly desired as gifts. What man wouldnt enjoy a ring made of two toned gold as a gift. These rings are made to take years of abuse and still look good on someones finger. These rings have a shine all their own and are wonderful accessories for the man in your life. - 16651

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Heart Jewelry - Just what she wants!

By Kellie Wilkenes

How to Buy heart jewelry

Diamonds are not the only best friends of women. In fact, any piece of jewelry is bound to put a smile on any women face. Sometimes, however, there are certain pieces of jewelry that look extremely spectacular but can be quite disheartening on the part of plus size women for the sole reason that they simply cannot find something the right size. Not anymore! heart jewelry pieces are now available in many jewelry stores found in the mall and over the Internet. If you are looking to purchase your very own heart jewelry, here are a few things you to help you in your search for that perfect heart jewelry piece over the Internet.

Get your measurements

This is especially important if you are purchasing your heart jewelry over the Internet. Since you are unable to fit these jewelry pieces, it would be crucial to know your measurements for to get the perfect fit for necklaces, bracelets, and rings. Even when you purchase plus size earrings, you will need to take the measurement between your earlobe and your shoulder. This is to ensure that whatever heart jewelry piece you will be getting, this would provide you the perfect fit which would give you the flattering look that you are looking for.

Know what you want

With so many designs and styles to choose from, it is important to know what particular style you would want when looking for a heart jewelry piece. heart jewelry designs range from the simple and classic to the ultra-modern and hip. If you are unsure what you are looking for, you can browse through magazines and websites for the latest trends and styles to give you ideas on what you want. Some of these websites would offer quizzes and self-evaluation tests that would allow you to figure out the kind of style that would suit your lifestyle and overall fashion sense. You can also ask suggestions from the jeweler attending to you for suggestions as well.

Get extensions

Many jewelry shops would often include extensions and extenders as part of the package of their heart jewelry pieces for necklaces and bracelets. Some however sell these separately. It is highly advisable to get a couple of extension clasps and to make sure that you would be able to wear your heart jewelry for a long, long time.

All in moderation

Just like any form of jewelry, heart jewelry pieces should be to accentuate your face and flatter your body. Getting the right size of stones and chains for your heart jewelry would make all the difference. Getting extremely thin chains and small stones can actually work even for plus size women. Just make sure that the size is the right size. You would not want your heart jewelry to highlight things that you would like to hide. The same holds true with accessories with large gemstones. Not all of the designs with humongous gemstones would work well for everyone. A best bet is to try out the heart jewelry piece and judge how it would look. If you are not satisfied or feel awkward about how it looks, look at something else. - 16651

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Guardians of Evil (L.J. James's Biker Movie Idea)

By LJ James

GUARDIANS OF EVIL (LJ's Biker Movie Idea)

I have been writing for years I have a few Biker book, Movie and even Biker Cartoon ideas. Because I have to be careful about posting them on-line so they do not get stolen I haven't posted any. This is a very small part and just the beginning of a story I have been working on. It takes place in a world where our Government and the Police have become completely Corrupt. All the Motorcycle Clubs had been framed and blamed by the police for all the Crime and problems to cover and shift everyone's attention from what our Government had been up to. When everything had fallen apart and America had fallen into the hands of the corrupt and Criminals where now running everything, There was no one left to turn to. The Bikers the world had been told to fear, Who had been shown as the ones who where evil, Decided it was time to turn the tables and they started the Motorcycle Club GUARDIANS OF EVIL in order to start to bring Justice back to the world. The idea of the character of Kyle is something along the lines of a mix of Dartanian in the three Musketeers and Bruce Wayne from Batman . He will become one of them, But first he must learn, And the Adventure Begins!!!

GUARDIANS OF EVIL:Scene 1 The Sky was dark and cloudy and a slight mist of rain started to fall on Kyle Star Jr's face mixing with the tears that fell freely from his dark brown eyes, How appropriate though Kyle as he looked over the freshly dug hole that his fathers casket had been lowered into just hours before. With no raincoat or umbrella He was soon soaked and his shoulder length brown hair clung to his face. Everyone else had left long ago, his and his fathers, Friends Family and Fans had Hugged him and said things to Kyle to comfort him but they where like ghosts to him an he felt and heard nothing of what they said. Kyle looked around the cemetery and saw there where still 3 News vans there waiting. He knew they would want to talk to him, After all he was the son of the worlds greatest Motorcycle racer an at 6ft 160 lbs he was the spitting image of his late Father. He knew now that his Father was gone all everyone wanted to know was if He would be taking his Fathers place on the Race Track! Let them wait though Kyle, as he could not bear to leave his Fathers graveside yet. He knew that when he left the graveside the life he had once known would be gone forever. His father had been everything to him. His best Friend, his Mentor and his Hero. Kyle had never known his Mother an now at just 18 years old he found himself alone and on his own. The whole World had seen his Father die on the racetrack that day as he raced that one last time. He was far ahead in the lead and no others in the race where even close to him when He suddenly "lost control" of his motorcycle Crashing into the wall at close to 200 Miles an hour. Kyle had ran to help his Father but there was nothing he or anyone could do, A legend was gone Kyle Star Sr had died instantly!

Kyle Heard a voice whisper his name bringing him out of his dream like state. He looked up to see the Reporters face; he had seen her many times before on TV. She was not just any reporter but some well known big shot. She had interviewed Kyle's Father more then once over the many years of his racing career, but at this moment she was just another Ghost to Kyle. What do you want he asked her? Kyle I'm sorry to bother you at this very sad time She said. But the world wants to know what you are going to do next after your father's accident, Will you take his place? Will you race? Kyle's faced turned red his eyes grew wide, he looked different even his voice seemed to change as he looked at her and said. The crash was NO Accident My Father was Murdered and I Know who is responsible! As Kyle looked straight into the Camera he spoke words that he would live to regret, "I will be coming for you!" Turning and looking at the reporter Kyle shouted "How's that for an exclusive" Then he turned and walked away as the sky opened up and the rain started to come down hard!

Scene 2 The Taxi Pulled up in front of the bar and Kyle threw a handful of cash at the driver not even Bothering to count it. It had been six Months since his fathers Funeral and the man who stepped out of the Cab looked very little like the Man who had cried for hours by his Fathers graveside. Kyle now looked mean and rough a short beard on his face and his uncombed hair was covered by a Black dew-rag. The suit he had worn at his fathers funeral was now replaced with a t-shirt, leather vest, Blue jeans and work Boots. Kyle looked at the run down looking bar on the corner called "The Hoggs Penn" A clever play on The old Harley Nic Name, He though to himself. He saw about 20 Bikes parked out front, Most of them where Harley's But he could see a few other Brands mixed in with the pack. This is it he though my fathers Killer is inside and soon one of us will be dead. He could hear the song Welcome to the Jungle By Guns an Roses blasting from the Juke box inside as he walked up to the door, opened it an walked inside. There was a large dirty looking Biker working the door in a cut off T-shirt with some Bike shops name on it. The Guys arms where Huge and covered in Tattoos. You got some ID there boy? He asked Kyle. How's this? Kyle asked as he Placed a one Hundred dollar Bill on the table next to the Man. Looks good to me he said with a Smile as he put the cash in his pocket. Have fun JR he laughed as Kyle looked around the loud Smokey bar. The walls where covered in Biker posters and Hundreds of different stickers from Bike Shops, other Bars and Club Support stickers. The place was packed with many large Bikers; some had patches on their back showing they belonged to one club or another. There where five really great looking girls in very tight skimpy outfits Dancing on the Bar, on a different night in a different time I might have really enjoyed this place he though, as the first smile in a long time crossed his face. The smile only lasted a second as some drunk walked into him growling "watch where I'm walking boy" as he went past walking to the back of the bar heading towards the bathroom.

Kyle started thinking maybe I'm in over my head here as he saw most of these Bikers where much larger then him. One large Biker standing by the corner of the bar really stood out to Kyle, The guy had to be at least 6'ft 10in tall and over 300 lbs all of it muscle, he was wearing a long Black leather trench coat that went to about an inch from the floor, He had long golden blond hair that made him standout even more in the dark bar. Kyle felt as if this man was trying to warn him with his eyes. Kyle suddenly felt a hand on his shoulder and was spun around, he felt the wind get knocked out of him as he was punched in the gut harder then he had though possible. Four large Bikers grabbed him and pulled him towards two large doors in the back of the Bar. One of the Men kicked open the doors that lead to an alley out back. They dragged Kyle threw the doors and then tossed him to the ground. As he looked up he saw a large muscular Bald Black man about 6ft 2inches tall, wearing a black leather vest way to small for him. He had no shirt on underneath showing the world just how many muscles he had, lighting a cigar. He smiled at Kyle and then kicked him hard in his gut knocking the wind out of him once more. Boy you are about to learn a very valuable life lesson, unfortunately you isn't going to live long enough for it to do you no good! Boy you never tell your enemy you are coming for him! An you go an do it on National TV. What was you thinking? Yeah said Kyle while trying to catch his breath. I realized that was probably not a good idea about two seconds after I did it. Kyle got a very serious look on his face as he said; I'm here to kill you Bob! You know that Right? Kyle stood up and pulled out a gun with the speed of an old west gun fighter. Badass Bob huh? How bad you feel right now with a Gun pointed at your head? Actually Boy I feel just fine! A split second later before Kyle could pull the trigger he found himself back on the ground with a large throbbing bump on the back of his head, one of Bob's men had hit him hard with a crowbar. Kyle felt himself slowly passing out and the world going black around him, He could see Bob and his men standing over him smiling, they all had Guns in their hands. This is it Kyle though to himself now I die and my Fathers killer goes free! Just don't seem right, where is the Justice in this world? Just Before the world went completely black and Kyle passed out, He could have sworn he saw a streak of Gold pass overhead and heard the sounds of someone fighting!

Scene 3 As Kyle woke he could feel a throbbing in his head,He could feel a large bump with his hand on the back of his head where he had been hit. He was laying on a couch in a room that was very bright. As he rolled over to look around the room he spoke the words "Where am I". He was Surprised when he got the answer, Your still in the land of the living, So I would not worry about anything else right now! As Kyle looked to see who had spoken the words, he could see it was the large Golden haired man he had thought was warning him at the Bar. As Kyle looked around the room he could see there where other people in the room with them, They all looked like hardcore Bikers and on one of the walls he could see a banner hanging, on it where the words GUARDIANS OF EVIL MC .....

Who are the Guarddiand of Evil MC? What is their story? Where did they come from? Is a Motorcycle Club really the only hope for a world gone mad? If you want to find out then help me promote this Movie Idea ! feel free to Contact me at There are many Questions , Do you want to know the Answers? L.J. James . LJ's Radio Show can be heard at

This is just the beginning I hope, I'm looking to see if there is any Studio's, Publishers excreta.... looking to fund this project!!! - 16651

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