Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Shopping online vs retail

By Persipidus

Internet shopping can give you a sea of goods and services at discount prices. Because of this, online shopping is becoming the number one form of shopping.

Online malls are rapidly growing as more and more retail stores are closing there door. As the retail stores dwindle it is becoming harder and harder to find one with a good selection of what you are looking for.

Last weel I found an advertisement at a retail store that had a backpack I was looking for. I though this was great because I thought I could save a little money with the sale. However when I got there the store only carried one color and it was not the color I was looking for. The sales associate at the store told me they could get one in about a week.

After I left the store I went online. I found the pack cheaper and with free shipping. I was able to have it at my doorstep in four days.

It is no wonder that so many stores are failing. In my opinion the customer service levels have dropped considerably as well as store inventory. It is only a matter a time until the stores with bad service and supply close for good; I can name a few however for now, just watch the news.

It does not matter what you are looking for. Whether it is a necklace, perfume, computer, toy, or video games; Online malls offer just about everything.

Finding an online mall that offers wholesale pricing is icing on the cake. Most web malls are set up similar to department store or the specialty retail store you are used to. In my opinion why shop anywhere else.

I am sure either you or someone you know does their shopping online. Shopping online can save you from undue stress as well as save you gas. My only suggestion is to research and find the online mall that will suite your needs and can deliver what you are looking for.

Just a bit of advice, if yo shop retail be sure to find out what happens to any warranties should the store shut down. This has happened to me and an item I bought with a warranty is no longer valid. - 16651

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