Monday, January 26, 2009

How to make your pagerank spike in 60 days

By Brent Sweet

I have written a specific blue print on how you can get your website to at least a pagerank of 2 within 60 days. You read it right, you can move from a PR 0 to PR 2 in less time than all the guru's say it can be done. I am living proof, my site was brand new at the end of November and I am a PR 2 on January 11.

Step 1 - If you think when your site is complete is the time to start promoting, you are wrong. You need to promote your site the day you register the domain.

Step 2 - You have to give people a reason to visit your site. Write ten articles that describe what your site will do, what your product does, things about your industry, etc. Once you get 10 articles, rewrite them each 2 more times and make them different.

Step 3 - Search for a service that will submit your articles. You need to find one that will submit articles to many directories, and that will submit unique versions of your articles. That is why we wrote 3 drafts. There are services that can take your three drafts and make them into thousands. This brings you all the links you need.

Step 4 " Submit the 3 versions of each of the ten articles to the site. Let the submission service take care of the submission.

Step 5 - Repeat this entire process about every 21 days or so. This will keep thousands of articles being published about your site.

Step 6 - Watch your rankings go up in the search engines. First Google, then MSN will outrank Google for a while, then Google will catch back up. URL Fan is another good site to watch about your site. This site tells you how much the internet is talking about your site. - 16651

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