Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Do it yourself Optimization

By Brent Sweet

Regardless of what is said on the internet there are several different ways to get good search engine rankings. It is also a lot easier that some people would like you to think. It simply amazes me how many sites are ranked that have no clue what they are doing. The ones that are number one, but it is obvious that they aren't really optimizing for that word. The reason I wrote this is to give you some things that you can focus on to get your site ranked well.

First of all I want to say there are many things you can do, that are completely within your control to move yourself up. If anybody here has ever studied six sigma or anything like that you will know that you really only need to focus on things in your control. It is ultimately a waste of time to focus on things out of your control.

Here is what is in your control with search engine optimization.

- Your title tag " The most important part. I suggest picking 5 keyword phrases that you want to rank high for and then arranging them in a manner that you dont repeat words, but that it is readable.

- Your body text. Make sure that in your body text you use each keyword at least once that you want to rank for. I am not one of those it has to be in H1 tags or Bold. Honestly I think those carry so little weight that unless you are at number 2 and want to move to number 1 then you might do it. The fact is these arent the difference between being on page 10 and page 1.

- The filenames you use are important. Do not put things like sessions or log tail URLS in your file names. This causes the engines to index your pages seperately which hurts rankings.

- Link Building " You have to have links. The two suggestions I have is to create link bait, something someone will want to link to, or submit articles related to your field. Submitting articles is honestly the only way YOU control how people are linking to you.

There you go, 4 things in your control. If you want to improve your rankings, work on these 4 things always. They are how you get to the top and what is in your control. - 16651

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