Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Debaufre and Urich join forces to increase brand recognition.

By Scott Henry

Debaufre proudly announces a new partnership with Joe Urich, the original owner and editor of Hr:Watches Magazine. Urich joins the team to bring his expertise and insight to the business model of Debaufre, and to share his uncensored opinions about the current state and future predictions of the watch industry. "Urich adds a tremendous value to Debaufre, considering his history of publishing the Urich View of the watch industry in Hr:Watches Magazine which in turn created a real connection with watch enthusiasts because of its honesty, we believe our customers will welcome Urich as someone to turn to for an unbiased voice." says Alldaron, VP of Debaufre, "Thanks to the help and support of our customers, Debaufre has grown to a larger company much faster than we expected. This partnership with Urich will boost our reach even further and improve customer satisfaction by bringing a recognized voice to the team." he continues.

Sometime in the mid 1990's, Urich launched Hr:Watches Magazine. The magazine was received by an eagerly awaiting audience, since pouring forth from the pages was a fresh look behind the world of Swiss timepieces. Urich reviewed all companies, large and small, and said what he thought, not influenced by political standings or favoritism. Urich definitely shook things up, he believed that sharing his personal thoughts of the watch industry added an honesty factor as spoken from the customer's point of view.

Mid 2005, Debaufre launched in the U.S., focusing on selling via the internet and establishing brand recognition before approaching watch retailers for mass distribution. "There are plenty of amazing companies catering to the retailers", says Alldaron, "and we wanted to focus on the consumer with direct selling." Against all odds and faced with skepticism for launching Debaufre into an unproven online marketplace, which of course went against all conventional wisdom, Debaufre proved this marketing concept is a formula for success.

Online stores are the future, the days of retail stores for Swiss watches are slowly coming to an end, buyers realize that direct sales is the way to go, just look at Amazon or Tiger Direct. Debaufre has proven itself as the major brand catering to the Online Generation and has built a tremendous following, receiving tons of repeat customers and word of mouth referrals. The Online Generation is a new type of consumer, with new habits and a new mentality and they choose online sales for their Swiss watch needs.

Urich believes in the vision which Debaufre watches is focusing on, and he joined to contribute uncensored insight and insider expertise about the watch industry. "The approach of Debaufre is the future, it is visionary and ahead of its time as a watch company. Debaufre takes a personal interest in the people they do business with." says Urich. The attention and criticism Debaufre has received over the years only proves that this approach, this focus, online direct sales, works and is the future of the Swiss watch industry.

Read the blog by Urich, be inspired by his outlook and excited by his future visions. Stay tuned and check out Debaufre at and The Urich Blog at - 16651

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