Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Article Submission hits millions and it is Free

By Brent Sweet

I talk about this all the time, but I really wanted to outline the benefits of article submission. I think it may be the best way in the world right now to market businesses. If you think about it I almost guarantee you could not get the following for free:

- Articles become viral several webmasters use them to add content to their site and each time they do it they link to you.

- Each link you receive from a different website from your article efforts can actually be counted like a vote for your website for the words that you use in your link.

- You move up in the search engine for each vote you get from websites using your article.

- If you rank at the top of the search engines you are displaying a free ad to more people that most newspapers circulate to.

I think the most wonderful thing about article submission is that it is free to do. You seriously could advertise your business to more people over time than the Superbowl and not spend a dime. Compare that to the millions they charge for a 30 second spot. You tell me a better way to market your business.

How do you do it free?

- First off you yourself write articles. You have to know a little bit about your topic, but if you are in business surely you know about the topic.

- There are tons of blogs, directories, ezines and more that you can submit your article to and get it published. If they publish, free link!

- Go to each directory that you can find and submit the article, it is time consuming but if you want to do this for free this is the way.

There are some submission softwares out there that might speed up the process, but doing this for free is a lot of work. I personally, use a service that does the submissions for me, it is so much better than the software you find.

Some services are scams, but the one I use does this:

- The first thing it does is blasts my article all over the internet. Thousands of sites will publish my article if it is on topic.

- When this site sends out my article they send out unique versions of it. They do this by having me submit 3 versions of the same article. Then they mix up my versions even more and distribute them. This way each site can have their own version which makes my article more valuable to them, and the links more valuable to me.

- Has a unique method to make sure the search engines give me the most for my article submission. I hate wasting time, so this is important to me.

- Best of all it is automatic. I write the articles, submit once and the site takes care of the rest.

To conclude, if you are looking for a great way to market your business, article submission is the way to go. If you have a little money to invest, your best investment would be the thirty bucks a month it costs to have professionals submit them like I do. - 16651

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