Sunday, January 25, 2009

Video classified ads

By Jamal Markks

Video classifieds are the new future to online advertising. Huge traffic sites such as kijiji havent caught on to the power of video ads, yet.

Video brings a new dimension to buyers. Now a buyer can see the product or hear about the service directly form the seller in a video presentation. The seller can more accurately describe their item or service for sale. They can include details that you can't see in a picture or description.

So if the seller is promoting their tax service, they can explain all the benefits fo their service. They can show why they should be the one that is chosen. This power is just not found in regular classified ads. Now you can sell yourself and show people why they should choose your service over others.

As can be imagined, video classified ads have many advantages. The seller, for one, has a much higher chance of selling a product than when using a regular classified ad. Also, the seller is able to say much more about the product than is allowed in a description box of a regular classified ad. The buyer is also at an advantage because they are able to see the product more realistically.

Recent reports have found that video classified ads are selling more products faster than online print ads because the buyers feel more comfortable purchasing a product that they can actually see; they are able to view it inside and out. The buyer also feels that they are less likely to be scammed by the seller when they can view a video. In all, video classified ads are the new way to advertise your product or service. It provides a much better selling outcome than regular classified ads. You should try free video classifieds. - 16651

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