Saturday, January 24, 2009

Faviana Prom Dresses - look your best for prom 2009!

By Hannah Taylor

One of the Faviana prom dresses with you inside will make your man's eyes pop out! Sexy has hit a new level for 2009. Price is great, too, with 80% of the styles under $350. This season's looks are thoroughly hot, modern, sexy, sleek, colorful, stylish, and wow.

Don't be overwhelmed when you look at all the dresses in the collection. It's easiest to take apart a dress in your mind and break it down into pieces and think about how each piece will suit you or not:

[I:0:T]Neck and Neckline of the dress - when you look at the dresses, imagine what they would feel like when you wear them. Do low necklines that highlight cleavage excite you or scare you? Do you want to highlight your bust or hide it away? Maybe your face is beautiful and you want the attention there... hmm...

The waist area - If you're like me, you don't want dresses that hug your stomach, butt, and hips, but some girls have no problem wearing that kind of dress. Just like I know how important it is to be comfortable in a dress, and to be able to sit down and stand up without feeling cramped or crimped, I take that into account when I look at dresses, especially for important events like prom.

The skirt of the dress... Many dresses don't even HAVE a skirt - they're one pieces. And for some, this is fine. Other girls want separate portions of the dress because they feel they have more control over the outfit. Some of the same considerations when thinking of your waist go into the skirt portion of the dress, but the bottom part of your dress is mostly about the legs. Do you like to show them off or hide them?

The length of the dress... The length can either favor you or hurt you, depending on whether you're tall or short. Girls that are tall or very tall may or may not want a floor length dress, because they may appear too tall. Conversely, shorter girls typically will favor long dresses because it gives the appearance that they're taller and longer.

The shoulders and straps of the dress... here's where you get to show off your neck, shoulders, and the top of your chest... or not. Some spaghetti strap dresses look absoultely gorgeous on some women, but they have the chance to make the dress hang off of you in a way you don't want. It depends on your bust, how it's shaped, and how large, as well as your shoulders.

The back - The right dress will say baby got back, but not the back that the rap song talks about. How do you feel about the back side of you? How cold is it going to be outside your prom or inside where it's held? Do you get really warm when you dance and socialize? Covering up with a full back or leaving it open can keep you warm, cold, or just plain exposed. Choose wisely.

The dress' color... No more big, blotchy patterns this year for your Faviana prom dress. The single color dresses are beautiful and subtle, and won't overwhelm your natural look, which is vital. Always ensure that your skin and natural look overshadow that of your dress' color. A very loud color dress can hide you in it and make you less noticeable.

Don't worry if your head is spinning after considering all the separate areas and concepts of a good-fitting and looking Faviana Prom Dress. If you can't address all the factors, go with your instinct and your impression of what feels right to you. Your feelings will go a long way towards picking the right dress. No worries! - 16651

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