Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Prom Tuxedo Tips

By Victor Santerino

Besides finding a date, buying or renting a tuxedo is the hardest part of going to prom. This is because as a teenager you have probably never even had to wear a tuxedo yet.

I wrote this article to shed some light on the tuxedo acquiring process. You will learn about the important basics such as colors, measurements, and some other issues you need to know about.

The first area to consider is where to get your tuxedo. If at all possible you really should rent or buy your tuxedo. Wearing a brothers, friends, or parents tuxedo will not give you the perfect fit you need to achieve.

The first thing to do after deciding to purchase or buy is to get proper measurements taken. Make sure to get numbers for your neck, waist, chest, inseam, and arm length.

Black is your safest color and will most likely be worn by 99.9% of your fellow classmates. Standing out from your classmates can come in the form of almost any color.

The color of your vest should be a color that matches your dates. Make sure to bring a swatch of the dress to your sales representative to help him find you the best choice.

Accessories can be difficult to put on for a newbie. Make sure you pay careful attention to what the sales person is saying when he gives you instructions on putting items like studs and cuff links onto your shirt.

Lastly make sure you look for your prom tuxedo as soon as you know you are going to prom. Your area will have many other kids looking for tuxedos and you want to be first so you can get the best pick.

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