Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ancient Coin Jewlery of the World

By Dee Karp

Coin Jewelry is as stylish to collect and wear today as it was years ago. Each coin is hermetically sealed against wear in a clear hard acrylic coating. The coins are then plated with 24K pure gold.

Whether you are looking to purchase gifts or keepsakes from a country you've visited, used to dwell, or if you have a love or avocation like Dogs, Cats, Boats, or Birds coin jewellery always makes a extraordinary gift for yourself or someone else. To have received ancient coin jewelry is to virtually carry history. Ancient coin jewellery makes a fantastic gift.

Gold coin jewelry has always been amazing, aesthetic, and graceful and never goes out of style. Each piece is skilfully cut down from coins around the Earth and then completed in our be-dazing 2-Tone Gold and Silver (Rhodium) finish. Gold constitutes a impregnable conveyer of your heritage, your values, and your taste.

The cost of these ancient coin masterpieces depend on the period that they were taken from and of course the condition of the coin itself. The nicer the coin the more you will end up paying. If the coin is very rare that will also increase the price you will have to shell out.

Some people have made beautiful earrings out of ancient coin Jewlery. They make amazing and original accessories to someone who appreciates history and wants to be original in his or her appearance.

Types of Coin Jewelry Coins have been used over the years to make all sorts of creative jewelry such as: rings necklaces bracelets earrings tie tacks hat pins watches cuff links bolo ties money clips. Also available are diamond necklaces, wedding ring sets, precious gems tones, and nautical gifts.

Various Roman and Greek era bronze coins set with 14kt gold bezels and narrow sterling silver sell for around $200.00. Roman coin jewelry offerings include the Denarius and mite denominations, which along with their Greek predecessors, are over 2000 years old, many struck before the birth of Christ. - 16651

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