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The Croton Diamond Watch - Some Facts And Figures

By Gabriel

The Croton Watch Company was established in the year 1878. During this time, there were not many watch companies. Each company worked hard toward designing the best form of watches.

They have a watch for all occasions. The watches from Croton range from the 18-carat gold and diamond-jutted watch to regular wear watches, which are trendy and colorful.

Though it was smaller than its rivals were, Croton believed in style, quality, accuracy, and significance. Croton has won the hearts of millions of people all over the world since its inception. They maintain high-quality standards for all their watches.

Types of Croton Diamond Watch:

Croton also manufactures diamond-jutted watches, which are very beautiful. Below described are some of the most preferred Croton Diamond watches:

Croton Diamond Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch: This Croton diamond watch is designed for both men and women. It incorporates advanced Japanese technology and a classical pattern. It has a simple automatic mechanism and a mother-of-pearl face that shows diamond markings hourly.

The symbol of Croton pops up at 12 hours and an amplified date bar pops up at 3 hours. The minute and hour hands have a metallic finish. The water resistance capacity for the men's watch is 40mm while it is 28mm for the women's watch.

Croton Ladies Diamond Mother-of-Pearl Stainless Steel Watch: The dial of this watch is round and comes in a silver, rose, or gold tone. It has a black colored ring surrounding the dial.

It has the sparkle that is incredible with 36 round shaped diamonds placed over the bezel and eight round diamonds that are split in among the lugs.

The mother-of-pearl dial comes in various colors depending on the metallic finish. For instance, the dial is white for silver plated, yellow for gold plated, and pink for rose plated.

The watch comes with Roman numbers that match the color at different hourly locations.

Men's Croton Tungsten Diamonds Date Watch:

The features of this watch are as follows:

1. The watch has a tungsten strap and case 2. The analog watch has silver plated hands 3. It uses Swiss mechanism 4. Water resistant up to 30 meters 5. It has a scratchproof watch crystal with a dome shape 6. It is rectangular with four silver and diamond markers 7. Charcoal-grey dial without mirror-polished bezel 8. Adjustable tungsten strap

Croton Men's 1.20 Carat Diamond Stainless Steel Watch: This watch provides a glitter along with a deep color. This is the best watch to make a style statement.

The case top comes in various colors such as blue or gold tone, orange or green tone, and black or gold tone. It has the Miyota 8215 automatic mechanism. Sparkling through the sapphire watch glass is the wonderful 1.20-carat diamond face. - 16651

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