Sunday, January 25, 2009

How To Properly Purchase a Tuxedo

By Victor Santerino

Properly purchasing, renting, or wearing a tuxedo can be quite troublesome for the novice. Unfortunately most men fit into the "novice" category because they do not have many opportunities to wear a tux.

I can't teach you everything you need to know in what short article. However, I can tell you what you don't know and what you should find out in order to make your next tuxedo event go smoothly.

When a man dons a tuxedo it should be evident that he has chosen the correct style, fit, and color tuxedo. Correct accessories should also be worn for the affair he has chosen to attend.

To obtain a great fit one should make sure to get measured before purchasing or renting a tuxedo. This can be done by having a professional take the proper measurements or by doing them yourself.

Three popular styles to choose from are the peaked, shawl, and notched lapel jackets. These jackets come with your choose of one to many buttons. Choose a jacket style that fits well with your size and shape.

The shade you decide to wear is usually mandated by the climate and the occasion you are attending. Skin complexion should be the number one consideration when left to your own devices on tux color.

Critical accompaniments such as belts, shoes, bow ties, and vests should be picked with great prejudice. Ensure that you choose the accessories that look best with the rest of your outfit.

This article should be used as a reference guide for pre-tuxedo fact finding. Add this page to your bookmarks and use it whenever you decide to wear a tuxedo. - 16651

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