Monday, January 26, 2009

Differences of Article Submission Express and Article Submitter

By Brent Sweet

The application known as article submission pro will submit your article to 150 directories and some email subscribed ezines. This really has a minimal impact on your SEO. Article Submission Express can submit up to 7500 directories depending on the topic of your article.

Article Submitter Pro allows you to create and modify your text article before submission. Article Submission Express does the same thing.

Article Submitter Pro allows you to grab an article off your website and submit it. Article Submission Express tells you this is a waste of time because that is just duplicate content which doesnt help.

Article Submission Pro is not big and bad because you can have unlimited bio boxes. The fact is Article Submission Express allows the same thing, and they take it a step further. They submit random resource boxes so that the search engines don't think it is the same article, because it is not.

With Article Submitter Pro you can store your login information to each of the directories saving you a little time. With Article Submission Express you don't even need logins to the article directories thus saving you a bunch of time.

Each article directory you want to submit to has to be selected with Article Submitter Pro. With Article Submission Express they select the directories based on your articles keywords so you don't need to tell it where to submit.

You can actually watch real time while Article Submitter Pro takes up memory on your system browing from directory to directory submitting articles. You can submit an article once with Article Submission Express and you don't have to run anything on your computer, or watch anything work.

You can stop yourself from submitting duplicate articles with Article Submitter Pro's spam filter. Article Submission Express will just not send duplicate articles to the same directory, nor will it send duplicate articles to different directories.

Article Submitter Pro makes you register at each of the 150 directories and confirm registrations. Article Submission Express registers you automatically and you never receive emails from directories.

Article Submitter Pro is great about submitting the same article over and over again to all the directories so Google doesn't count them because they are duplicate content. Article Submission Express takes each article and makes it unique and then sends it out to all the different directories for you. - 16651

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