Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Digital Camera Accessories: Start With The Most Versatile Basics

By Sylvia Howard

The digital camera is one of the most common pieces of consumer electronics nowadays. From pros with high-end SLR cameras to kiddies with picture-phones, everyone has them. But few people realize the importance and potential of digital camera accessories, which are not only for experts but also for beginners.

Accessories are not only for pros, a small but versatile set should be part of the photography equipment of anyone with but a passing interest in the subject matter.

The digital camera accessories available today as tools make the camera a better choice for us to invest in them especially if this becomes a hobby or a profession. Regardless of whether you prefer a compact camera or a more advanced SLR model, the digital camera accessories that you will use along with it will be of paramount importance.

Some accessories are better suited for experienced photo-takers, but several kinds are of great help for beginners too. Here are some of the accessories that even beginning users should not be without.

A camera bag is probably going to be the first companion of most new digital cameras, and for a reason. Camera bags are cheap and protect the equipment within, also making it easier to carry. Indispensable when travelling, they are great to keep all your kit together in one place even when at home.

There are lots of different kinds of camera bags, both general purpose and specialized. While you could of course use any old bag to keep your camera, bespoke ones offer better security and are more ergonomic.

Somewhat less ubiquitous than bags, but just as useful, are camera tripods. This item allows you to take better pictures in low light conditions, to take long exposition photos, and to brace your camera more solidly than if you were just holding it. Tripods may seem like a pain to carry around, but most for them are foldable and many are made out of very light and durable aluminum alloys.

Don't forget to check if your camera screws onto the tripod when acquiring a new one, or you will have to buy another!

Spare batteries and battery chargers and memory cards round up the energy and storage part of the camera. If you have a digital SLR camera and are already somewhat proficient with its use, you should also consider adding extra lenses, filters, and external flashguns to your arsenal of digital camera accessories. - 16651

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