Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Spotting Coach Handbags Replicas

By Joleen Davenport

There are many replicas of coach handbags you can find online and in various fashion stores and the like. However, there are some good ways to spot replicas. Thus, if you consider buying yourself or a special person in your life a coach handbag, you shouldnt miss knowing these good ways.

Checking the Serial Number

First and foremost, real, smaller bags are believed to have a serial number or registration number on a leather patch inside the bag. The registration codes are not unique and are the same in every item and so can be copied easily for replicas. However, the style of bag must coincide with style numbers. After the numbers there is a hyphen, representing style of bag. In the event there seems to be a mismatch basing on the style of bag and style numbers, consider possibility of a coach handbag replica.

Looking After the C Pattern

An effective way to spot a replica is to look after the C pattern. Be aware that pattern should start at the center and go out towards the side. Nonetheless, the seams should go straight through the middle of the C, and the pattern should be aligned properly, for an instance aligned vertically and horizontally. If the pattern appears differently, bag maybe a coach handbag replica.

Inspecting the Stitching and Zippers

It is a good idea to inspect the stitching and the zippers. Coach handbags are known for having thick double stitches and are with YKK zippers. Logo then is very small and not on the leather pull. In case stitching and zippers appear differently, then be on red alert for a coach handbag replica.

Checking Place of Manufacture

Coach handbags are usually made in places like America, China and the Dominican Republic. Thus, in the event the handbag you happen to stumble upon is not made from such places mentioned, consider handbag maybe a replica. Always double-check.

Checking the Handles for Plastic Wrap

According to experts in spotting Coach handbag replicas, checking the handles for plastic wrap may help. Usually, handbags displayed with plastic wrapped handles are pure replicas. Thus, check on the handles of the handbag for authenticity. - 16651

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