Tuesday, January 20, 2009

2 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring

By Alice Sy

Engagement is one of the occasions that a woman longs to celebrate with her loved one because it is here that she feels how she is valued and loved as a woman, and it gives her the pleasure of being given the gift of love, both in material and in acts.

Let your fianc feel how much you are willing to spend to have a lifetime with her with an engagement ring that will reflect on the love that you have and how you value her like a precious jewel, with of course without much of a cost.

And so a 2 carat diamond engagement ring is the right engagement ring to the woman who is simple yet so elegant in her ways. It is not too big and not too small, which can be a good factor to the ring since the beauty will not only focus on the diamond alone but in the totality of the engagement ring as well.

The 2 carat diamond engagement ring allows you to choose from the wide array of bands where it is attached and so the value of the engagement ring does not lie only on the diamond but also to the band.

One of the popular 2 carat diamond engagement rings that are being sold in the jewelry is the one that has a 14K carat white gold. This ring has been an attention-seeker because of its simple nature. It is not too showy in the sense but a head turner in a way.

You may also add emphasis to this diamond engagement ring by choosing the cut that will make it appear bigger and unique. This is one of the wisest ways on how to choose the right diamond engagement ring without you investing much of your money.

So challenge yourself to get a 2 carat diamond engagement ring that will describe your fianc well and will describe and tell the kind of love that you have in store for her for a lifetime.

The 2 carat diamond engagement rings simplicity will balance the love that you have in action and in how you feel for her. Then the ring will not draw much attention on the material value but on the thought that you have put into the ring that made it very special and will remind of the lifetime that you have to bring.

So what can a two in a stone do in a lifetime? A vow that you will love and cherish her forever. - 16651

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