Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Secrets To Writing Web Copy Effectively

By Timmi Olando

Simply stated, web copy is the copy that is used to sell anything on a web page. So now you say, but that's sales copy. And you would be partly correct, but traditional direct mail copy and web copy are two different things. People are used to a certain way of expression on the web, and you must be able to tap into that to make your web copy effective.

Traditional direct mail copywriting is filled with hyperbole and exaggerations, and people are used to seeing that in direct mail. However, on the Net, it's an entirely different ball game. People are used to a more relaxed style on the Internet and most won't tolerate anything else. With that said, what should you do if you're writing copy for the web? Write in a friendly, engaging style. Use the soft-sell approach with web copy. Make your copy more informational. People are more relaxed on the Internet. And they are more open to writing that is more relaxed, has a personal feel, and doesn't scream of selling this or that.

People don't want that type of message. So you have to write just like you are talking to the individual, but don't make it sound sale. Use testimonials that have more of an editorial feel to them. And make sure that what you write engages the reader. Give them information that they didn't have before coming to your web site. That's what they were looking for to begin with. Since visitors to your web site can easily and quickly click away from your site, you have to give them the pertinent information up front. Do this so that your message is given quickly and concisely.

When writing this way, your sales message gets read and the prospect can take action from there. Does this mean that all web copy should be short? No! Web copy still needs to be as long as it needs to be to make the sale. But you just said to make your sales message up front. But people still need to rationalize their decision to perform the task you are asking them to do. That is done in the remaining part of your copy.

This is where you inject emotion and get the prospect to picture what their life will be like after completing your designated task. So you still need to use direct mail techniques, but you have to use them in a more information giving way. Never let your prospect suspect that you are really trying to sell him/her on your idea/product/service. Simply put, write like you would if you were writing a review of a book. But write it so that your prospect respects the information you have imparted and then clicks on your link to buy the book. - 16651

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