Friday, January 23, 2009

Suit Care Tips

By Clement Sancharo

Suits can be some of the most costly pieces of clothing a man will ever wear. The reason for this should be self evident as they take much more work to make than an everyday pair of jeans or tee shirt.

For this reason men need to take care of their suits so that they will last longer and look better. Many practices need to be administered to in order to keep a suit in tip top condition.

This article was written to give men the necessary knowledge they need to maintain their suits. Upon finishing this piece you will have all the information you need to keep your suits looking fresh.

The first area a man should consider is where they will store their suit. Suits need to be stored in a way that will hold the shape of the suit and keep the suit clean. The best place is out of direct sunlight on a formed hanger with a plastic wrapping over the suit.

Men need to be mindful of evil moths that will ruin clothing with complete disregard. The use of cedar blocks, hangers, and closets will keep your suits safe from all moth invasions.

The use of dry cleaning is necessary to keep a suit clean, but should not be done too often. Dry cleaning can damage a suit and over time will lead to your suit fading and becoming torn.

The use of a steam cleaner can and should be used to help lower the amount of dry cleaning trips you need to take. Use a steam cleaning device to remove wrinkles and slight odors.

Print this page out and keep it by your closet. This will ensure that you never forget the importance of taking care of your suits. - 16651

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