Thursday, January 22, 2009

You can Learn a Lot from Celebrities

By Charlie Reese

Who is your favorite celebrity? I know that people often read about celebrities and psychics at the same time. I think that its incredible that people find it appealing to connect with celebrities as if they know them personally. I often hear people saying, Did you know that Oprah broke up with Steadman? Or I think Paris Hilton lost too much weight. These are just some topics out of thousands that I have heard about celebrities. Its amazing to me because 99% of all people will never meet the celebrity that they know so much about.

All that they really know about them is what they read about them in the magazine or newspaper. I think that it is funny because most people have no idea that they have the power to control their celebrity fantasy. I think that some people enjoy reading about celebrities because they believe that they may one day meet that person.

Its almost like most men that watch football and baseball only watch it because they dream of being just like that sports star. Its like a grow man will still think in his mind that this is his dream. People often read about and talk about what they really would like to become or be. Its just human nature I guess.

I find that most celebrities like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears and always talked about in the media. They are more like the modern day Elvis Presley of the past. He couldnt go anywhere without people following him around. Its amazing how much the world has changed over the years with the Paparazzi following celebrities around wherever they go.

I think that its amazing when people dont fully understand their surroundings and they have to really learn how to focus in on their own lives again. You need to look at your own life and feel a sense of belonging to yourself before you can let go of a celebrity obsession.

There is nothing wrong with being a common person. You dont have to be rich and famous to be important. Sometimes you may think that, but really when you are by yourself, you are just like anyone else. Celebrities are not exempt to any rule. They are just as sad and happy as anyone else. The next time that you pick up a celebrity magazine, you may want to ask yourself if you can fully understand what the person is talking about. You may also want to ask yourself if you are trying to be just like that celebrity and how you can change that about yourself. Being you is most important. - 16651

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