Friday, January 23, 2009

Faviana Prom Dresses - look your best for prom 2009!

By Hannah Taylor

One of the Faviana prom dresses with you inside will make your man's eyes pop out! Sexy has hit a new level for 2009. Price is great, too, with 80% of the styles under $350. This season's looks are thoroughly hot, modern, sexy, sleek, colorful, stylish, and wow.

A dress has many parts, and because prom 2009 is such an important event in your life, you shouldn't just think about the dress as a dress. Think about all the elements that make up a beautiful, well-fitting dress:

[I:0:T]Neck. How low should your neck and neckline go? Where do you want your man's eyes to stop looking? Bring him down to your bust, or leave him wondering?

Waist. The waist has the power to bring together the different parts of your prom dress. Some girls have crazy curves that they want to show off, so a tighter waist is best in that case. Tall girls may want to appear long and flowing, and short girls may also wish the same thing. If you want to show off your waist, hips, butt, and stomach, tight may be the way to go. Faviana prom dresses have various styles to choose from, so you'll find what you need without a problem.

Skirt. Long or short, part of a single one piece dress or separate, the skirt can also totally change your look. Taller girls will either want long skirts to make them look long, slim and flowing, but then again, shorter girls may need to make themselves look longer as well. If you want flirtatious or sexy, maybe short is the way to go. Just don't make your skirt into booty shorts and you'll be ok.

Dress Length. For those with long, beautiful legs, you can probably accentuate them with a long dress or show them off with a short dress. Put the dress to work for you, making you look as you want to look - tall or not so tall. The right dress can really change how you look drastically!

Shoulders and straps - whether you want to cover your shoulders or not, you can always choose a shawl or light scarf to cover up, so don't be afraid of thin strap or strapless dresses. The good thing is that you can always take off or put on a shawl or scarf. On the other hand, if you want to flaunt your upper body, then choose the shoulder type that works best for you.

Back. To be really risque, you may choose no back to your dress or a very low one. If you need to feel comfortable and covered, then a higher or normal back is better for you.

Color of your dress - Your Faviana Prom Dress now comes in solid and patterned colors and styles. The best thing to do is consider your skin tones and what kind of makeup you normally wear. If your skin tone, your makeup, and the color of your dress all complement one another, you're in good shape to look beautiful. If you clash on one or more of these colors, you won't look quite right and won't photograph as well.

Think about all the parts that go into a dress, and when you find the right one, you'll know it. A Faviana prom dress will give you the best chance to feel good, look good, and have confidence this year at prom 2009! - 16651

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