Friday, February 27, 2009

Ashlee Simpson and The Punk Subculture

By Alex Pecklen

Jessica Simpsons younger sister Ashlee Simpson has fallen into punk fashion since she was about sixteen and now it is impossible to imagine this talented singer wearing something else. She is shopping at Juicy Couture, Alexander McQueen, Marc Jacobs, Free People, D&G and Louis Vuitton and some other of her favorite fashion designers.

Her best loved casual style is edging the skater punk. Loose hooded sweatshirts, faded jeans and slip-on shoes are her common friends in the street. She is rarely seen dressed some other way, especially in her everyday life.

Ashlee Simpson was one of the celebs who made punk fashion popular once more. Since the punk music has been established in the very early seventies, the punk fashion was growing more and more popular and represented the style of dressing within the limits of the punk subculture. The fashion industry simply couldnt avoid the punk music and culture and followed with the punk style clothes, shoes and accessories.

Famous British designer Vivienne Westwood has actually invented punk style and thus she influenced punk fashion like nobody else. Punk fashion at that times consisted of vulgar clothes, studded jeans and tattered jackets, disputable images and various anarchy symbols all over.

Then the bondage style burst into punk fashion with its leather and heavy chain straps, corduroy pants and conic jeans. It also affected the hairstyles, which were bright color dyed hair with aggressive sets then.

Ten years after that, the punk style became revolutionized and at that period most people were wearing combat boots, heavy chains, tattered jeans or plaid skirts and of course Mohawks and liberty spikes.

These days the most popular sense of clothing is the Handmade. Since so many things have changed, the modern population of punks may be seen wearing simple tees and hoodies, though paying the respect to the original punk fashion of the seventies through various accessories and other details. - 16651

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