Thursday, February 26, 2009

You Can Watch Movies Online

By Sherry Pies

If you are a person who loves to download movies then you should take every step to be as efficient as you can in transferring them to disc. To have a good library of movies you will need several key items. You will need a video player, a conversion program, and a DVD burner.

Downloadable movies are great in many ways. One perk is that when you download the movie it will stay on your hard drive until you are ready to delete it. At anytime, you can go to your files and begin the movie or pick up where you left off.

One familiar site that reaches out to people looking to pay is The famous online bookstore not only sells paperbacks but they also sell CDs and movies. They have even allowed for online movie rentals system.

On their website there is a section called "Videos on Demand". All you have to do is install the proper software and enter your credit card. Once you click on the video and accept the charges, you can download the movie onto your computer.

It takes roughly twenty minutes to get the movie onto your computer. It will stay there as long as you do not open it. Once you open it, you have twenty-four hours with the file on your computer.

The biggest downfall would be the risk you take by putting these files on your computer. Unless you have a great security program, you face a great chance of catching a virus. A lot of the downloadable movies are corrupt and it becomes a game of Russian roulette.

Streaming movies are great in many ways. It is nice to click on a movie and be watching it in seconds. You can often find websites with hundreds of new movies and cult classics. Streaming movies allows you to have a large selection without taking up memory on your computer.

One piece of hardware you really need is a DVD burner. A decent one can cost anywhere from $40 to $200 dollars. While it may seem expensive, a good DVD burner will allow you to copy your files onto a CDR and free up memory on your computer.

There a couple cons when you deal with streaming movies. With a large file streaming to your computer; the files tend to be poorer quality then that of a DVD or downloaded movie. That is fine if that does not bother you but if you are a person who loves detail, then you might get annoyed by streaming files.

Movie files are large and are streaming to your computer. It is crucial that you have a fast and strong internet connection. If you do not, then your computer will be buffering every couple seconds.

If your objective is to create a DVD burning studio then you now have the know-how. Remember to try and not do anything illegal and stay within copy write infringement laws. - 16651

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