Friday, February 27, 2009

Getting Gratitude Abundance

By Deanna Collins

You hear a lot about the power of gratitude. On paper it makes sense, right? If you're grateful for things then you begin to focus on what you have rather than focus on what you don't have. However, when things are tough and life is full of challenges, it can be tough to keep gratitude at the forefront of our minds.

Why Gratitude is Important

Gratitude changes your perspective on the life that you've been given. When you have gratitude in your life you:

See other people in a different light. Instead of counting their faults, you see mistakes as possible blessings. Instead of wasting time on what you don't have, you formulate a plan to use what you do have to move forward.

Look at people with new eyes. People are seen for whom they are and not the sum total of their possessions or their character traits. Living in harmony with others fosters a happy fulfilled life.

Don't pass judgment on yourself or others. See people for who they are and have the potential to be. Praise them and be grateful for their strengths.

Look at your own life and show mercy to others. Be grateful for the chance to change someone's life.

Look at what you do have and be grateful. Concentrating on the positives in your life attract more positive energies. How is that? Whatever you cultivate in your life will begin to grow. If you want a good life, change your focus.

Gain Gratitude Abundance in your Life

Always know what you are grateful for in life. If you want, make a list. Each day, read the list and add more to it as you feel the need. Some of your blessings that you may easily overlook: breathing each day, having food at every meal, and the good people in your life. Blessings are all around us if we choose to see them. Learning to recognize your blessings renews your hope in life and your role in it.

Practice gratefulness. You won't become an expert overnight but with practice you will see a difference in your attitude and your life. Instead of going to sleep feeling weighed down, you can use that abundance of gratitude you have developed to sleep well and wake up unencumbered by worry.

Find ways to integrate gratitude each day. Develop rituals that usher in gracious feelings within you. It could be as simple as journaling, wearing special gratitude jewelry, getting weekly pampering, or making time for family and friends. Whatever you choose, make it a positive experience.

Find ways to help others. Paying it forward puts the focus on others and not us. Give to charity, volunteer at a shelter, or show support on a case by case basis. Change the world one person at a time.

Strip away the things that you don't need in your life. Gratitude feels good and is incompatible with things that make you feel bad. Eliminate the negative and fill up on people and situations that enhance your life.

Will you accept abundance in your life? Begin by being grateful for what you have and letting it change your life. - 16651

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