Saturday, February 28, 2009

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By Nate Hicks

I have made a sampling of movie hits for 2008. This list consists of the motion pictures I found entertaining in this years crop. I'm sure that you can find some films here that are good viewing.

WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS: I guess it was a typical night out in Vegas. Young partiers Joy and Jack wake up and soon realize that they had married each other the night before. They wind up winning a large jackpot at the slot machines, but there is a debate on who gets the money, so they try to settle it in court. The strange ruling is that for the next few months they must stay together, and give their marriage a chance. With lots of money at stake, they each try to get the other to give up, as both desire to have the cash for themselves.

HAMLET 2: Unsuccessful actor Dana Marshz has found himself teaching the high school after classes to bored and unmotivated kids. When the high school loses a major building, the powers to be feel the useless after choruses will have to go. Wanting to fight, he is on a mission to save the after classes by producing Hamlet 2, a new version of the classic, which he put to paper himself.

TROPIC THUNDER: With an abundance of acting talent we soon see this movie is a spoof on many of the most popular war movies. To get better results from his crew to make a true epic masterpiece, the seemingly bold director into the wild, and leaves them on their own. His theory is to frighten them into the realism needed for a great war film, that will be recorded on hidden cameras. Unbelievably, as the director steps on an old land mine and dies, the spoiled actors are on their own, and they start acting, thinking it's a big set, when things start to get very real. Stars include Ben Stiller, Robert Downey Jr., and Tom Cruise.

PINEAPPLE EXPRESS: Complete stoner Dale unfortunately has just viewed a crooked cop, and a big time dealer, murder someone. The killers know he has seen what's gone down. Sure that he has been spotted, he unwittingly throws down his joint, a unique version called pineapple express, and gets away fast. The marijuana is particular enough, that the bad guys can. The game is on, the bad guys are hunting, and Dale and dealer Saul are on the run.

JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH: On a quest to find his missing brother, professor Trevor Anderson sets out on a journey that leads him to the center of the earth. This a new version of the original 1959 movie, that was formed from the classic novel by Jules Verne. This sci-fi adventure stars Brendan Fraser, and Anita Briem.

Jumper: During a near death experience, David realizes he has an unbelievable ability. He now knows he can transport himself anywhere, anytime. Eventually, he discovers that there are others with this capability. After he becomes used to jumping around the world, he is exposed to hunters that want him, and all the jumpers wiped out. He must fight for his life, as those people want him dead.

GET SMART: Agent 86 is here again, and everything is under "CONTROL". KAOS vs CONTROL, agents hidden in plants, and the cone of silence. This a modern day version that looks back at the world of KAOS and CONTROL.

ZACK AND MIRI MAKE A PORNO: Rent is over due and Zack and Miri, platonic friends since childhood, need to come up with some cash soon. What's their solution? Easy, make pornos. As you can imagine this sets the stage for a fun movie.

WALL-E: This film is an animation comedy. Everyone has been removed from Earth because it had become a big pile of trash. Waste removal robot, Wall-E, has been left to continue cleaning. When a recon bot (Eve) appears, checking to see if the planet can sustain any life, Wall-E finally has some company. Eventually, when Eve is recovered by the craft that sent her, Wall-E somehow get on the ship, and begins an exciting new life.

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