Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Business Stimulus Package you can give Yourself

By Jay S NaPier

For today's economy business owners must position themselves where they can profit. He constantly negative news found on your nightly newscasts has brought fear to your customer base. People are afraid that they will get laid off and since major corporations are laying people off, it's making it harder for those laid-off folks to find a job. Because of this, business owners must reassess the products and services they sell and how they sell them.

Let's first start with taking a look at what you've been doing for the last 12 to 24 months. How does your balance sheet look? Did you make a profit? Are you happy with the results you've been getting in your business? are your customers still buying the things they bought just 12 to 24 months ago? In today's economy people just are not spending like they used to. Things that were necessities are now luxury items.

As you look over your business, take a look to see what other things you could be selling and is there an opportunity for a monthly continuity program. A continuity program would allow you to fill a customer each month for products or services that they want to purchase on a monthly basis. This subscription service, or continuity program would consistently bring your customers back to you And allowing you to have a more consistent cash flow.

Take a look at your personal monthly bills. Where have you consistently spent your money? Is it possible for you to turn those monthly expenses into a profit center for your business? according to the National Retail Federation, we are committed to using today's technology. More than 80% of us wouldn't give up Internet access. Almost 2/3 wouldn't cancel a cell phone, and more than 60% would never drop cable or satellite television.

If you are spending your money on it on a monthly basis, your customers may very well be spending bears there as well. Two days needs were yesterdays once. Can you imagine a time when you didn't have a cell phone? What about cable or satellite? If you're not doing as much on the weekends you're probably watching more cable or satellite. Where else are you spending your money? Smart business owners are changing the way they do business so they can continue to receive the cash will their business requires and building a continuous monthly income.

While people today do have a fear of recession and of losing their job, the smart business owner has changed the products they sell, How they sell them, and even where they sell. For example: a dry cleaner may choose to sell $200 worth of dry cleaning services for $50 using a coupon book. This generates income, and insurers that their customers will not go to a cheaper competitor.

As the stock market continues to rock people's confidence levels it makes it tough for a business owner to have consistent cash flow in their business. Businesses that were doing $4000 a day are now seeing their business average $2000-$3000. And for smaller businesses, it just makes it worse. Those that would normally spend $80-$100 eating out on Friday night are now settling for a $20 pizza.

In the end, no matter how long this recession shall last you're still going to get to two years from today. The question is Will you be where you are today?, will you be selling the same things? Will you be working harder? Take the extra time you have now and invest that in education, so two years from today you'll be a better business owner. - 16651

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