Saturday, February 28, 2009

Vintage Rolex Watch as a Status Symbol

By Marcus Welby

Rolex watches have long been known to symbolize status and prestige. When it comes to those things, they are absolute icons. There is likely a reason for that, a deliberate one. The people who founded Rolex, the people who design the watches, and the people who make them all want them to be the best. They are supposed to be the best. They are designed, literally, to be impressive. When you see a Rolex watches, it should exceed your expectations about what a luxury watch should look like. That is the idea. That is why the makers take upwards of a year to put together all the tiny parts required to make a Rolex tick.

Given all of that information, it is easy to see why these watches are so eye catching. They are just this side of ostentatious. Of course, when the very idea of an item is to denote status, how else could it look? You are not supposed to be able to mistake a Rolex for any other watch. The people who buy them count on that fact.

As you are no doubt well aware of, these watches can be quite costly. People have been known to actually finance their purchase of a Rolex. They consider it well worth the effort and the money. Rolex is, after all, known all over the world for being a symbol of wealth, respect, and status.

All told, people have been buying these watches for well over one hundred years. The company was first founded at the turn of the century. Since 1905, people have been vicariously enjoying Rolex's reputation of richness and respectability. Their reputation is reflected in the amount of money they gross each year - billions of dollars. No wonder Rolex is the luxury watch of choice for most people.

At one point in time, a Rolex watch was a status symbol for the very, very wealthy. That is to say, businessmen wore them. Men, all told, of leisure. These days, however, people wear them at work, at play, during evening events, and naturally as the perfect complement to a formal outfit.

However, a lot of other social groups now enjoy the prestige of Rolex as well. It is particular popular among musicians. The members of all sorts of genres, from rock n' roll to rap and hip hop, enjoy flashing their shining, rich looking watches.

That is, in part, what has made it become so popular among more than just the high, wealthy class. That is also the reason why certain people are willing to finance their purchase of a Rolex watch. Whether this is good or bad is really a matter of personal opinion.

Rolex is not going anywhere. It has proved itself as a status symbol over the years. The fact that it is still popular today proves that it is an icon among luxury watches and jewelry. The ingenuity behind putting together one of these watching makes it easy to see why it is so important. A lot of people actually collect Rolexes. This just goes to show why it is deserving of its prestige. - 16651

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