Friday, February 27, 2009

What is Behind the Mens Leather Jewellery Craze

By Diane Rice

Leather jewellery is becoming more and more popular, particularly with men. Leather wristbands and leather bracelets are discrete and fashionable. Lots of men like wearing leather jewellery because it is in stylish and unique. The details may be intricate but they are always noticed and go well with work wear as well as for formal occasions.

The style of wearing this type of jewellery began originally with rockers and was heavily associated with rebellion. Today, there isn't this association and leather jewellery has a particular connection with sportsmen, for example leather bracelets make cool surfer jewellery.

Leather bracelets are usually a collection of parts that are string-shaped and tied together - sometimes along with cords for added funk.

Often the bracelets are made thick and sometimes thin, often stainless steel is added to the leather wristbands for extra style appeal. Stainless steel studs and clasps also add style and appeal. Some women also enjoy wearing mens leather wristbands as these are often unisex.

Today, many celebrities have been seen with leather wristbands - one particular celebrity who enjoys wearing leather bracelets is Keith Urban.

Watch out for other celebrities wearing leather jewellery - as they influence what is in vogue, you can observe them to discover what style of leather jewellery is in fashion.

You can also get leather jewellery personalised for you with your own or son or daughter's name engraved on it. This is a great way to make sure that your leather jewellery is unique.

You can wear leather jewellery for formal occasions or each day, depending on how comfortable you are with the jewellery and your lifestyle. If you want to look stylish, unique and want to stand out from the crowd then wear some of the latest cool leather jewellery items! - 16651

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