Saturday, February 28, 2009

Have you considered which glasses you should buy?

By Gurpreet Singh

There is many things to consider when you go to buy a pair of glasses, some of which are price, shape and colour. But you do need to think about whether you choose the correct type of glasses to avoid any problems.

It can be confusing to choose which frames to choose such as plastic glasses, fully rimmed, or rimless to name but a few. keep reading for help and advice on which to choose.

Rimless frames have been on the market for some while now, and there are pros and cons to these types of glasses. But they are popular as they come in many designs, shapes and colours. But these frames are not to everyones taste as they can look very sophisticated.

Rimless frames have the reputation of being vulnerable for everyday wearers of glasses. This is because of the issue of the screws in the side of the glasses loosening quite easily. Also rimless glasses can be very expensive because of the type of lenses needed.

On the other hand there are half rimmed frames. These types of frames are either very stylish in design or quite contemporary and sleek. These frames are quite strong and durable because the lenses are held together at many key points around the frame.

But saying this, it depends where the frame is missing part of the frames. A typical complaint from people wearing rimless frames is that the part of the rim which shows the lens can be quite fragile and vulnerable to scratches. Therefore complete care is needed when wearing these glasses.

There are also Plastic glasses. These are great because they can come in so many different designs and colours. Recently plastic frames have been available with crystals and Vogue especially have been known to include Swarovski crystals embedded in the frames.

But plastic frames are known to look quite chunky in design, which could not be to everyone's taste. But this is because there are people that would not want to stand out from the crowd and taking a risk like this would make them feel uncomfortable which is totally understandable.

Finally there are full rimmed glasses. These are the most popular type of frames by far. This is because of the time that these glasses have been around. They have the reputation of being durable, strong and reliable. Full rimmed glasses are popular because of the variety of designs, styles and colours that are available.

Unfortunately fully rimmed glasses have been known to be quite heavy and some people have problems wearing these glasses are they can fall off on occasions although this is not the case on the whole.

In conclusion there are many aspects to take in to account when purchasing any type of frame / glasses. If you are not sure which to buy just do some research on the internet or go for the safe option which is full rimmed glasses. - 16651

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