Thursday, February 26, 2009

TOP Safelist Marketing Tips PLUS the BEST Safelists on the Net!

By Cynthia Howard

In case you didn't already know, Safelist Marketing is one of the EASIEST, as well as one of the FASTEST, methods of getting your ads online. You can make thousands of dollars online using the Best Safelists on the net. I know...I've done it myself.

Top 5 Safelist Marketing Tips:

Tip #1: Your Subject Line Will Make You or Break You!

Your Subject Line is the MOST important part of your Safelist Advertising. In fact, it is way more important than the actual ad itself, because nobody will ever read your ad if they don't find your Subject Line enticing. Hint: Asking a question is one great way to pique curiosity.

Tip #2: Keep it Short!

Now days, people are so deluged with emails that they will NOT take the time to read a long email ad, even if they are interested. They will just skim over the main points and then click on your link. So, don't annoy your potential prospects by making them work hard to get to the point.

Tip #3: Avoid Using Too Much Hype!

Don't go overboard on the Hype. Yes, a little bit is ok, but too much is just annoying, and it can ruin your entire ad. You can accentuate the positive without getting ridiculous.

Tip #4: Warm Up Your Prospects - Add Some Personality!

People want to do business with a real person. Make yourself "real" by sharing a short paragraph about your experience with whatever you're promoting. Give your prospect something he/she can relate to. But please, no autobiography. Remember Tip #2.

Tip #5: Proofread Your Ad!

I was a professional proofreader for 15 years, and yet I never saw as many typos as I've seen since I got on the Internet. It just seems people have lost the art of using correct grammar and spelling. Well, let me tell you, if I see a ton of errors in an ad, I just move on. Take the time to proofread your ad so your prospects won't do the same.

Here's the BEST Safelist Tip of all:

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