Saturday, February 28, 2009

Gratitude Bracelets: How Jewelry Can Keep You Positive

By Deanna Collins

It's easy to get bogged down in life's problems. When the going gets tough, we always have two options. We can allow circumstances to take away our motivation and defeat us or we can rise to the challenge. A gratitude bracelet is one aid to staying positive, even when the odds seem stacked against us.

The Importance of Gratitude

The fact of the matter is we can always find someone worse of then we are. By considering and recognizing the blessings we already have when things seem to be going down hill, we have reach that small but powerful step we need to take to find ourselves with a more positive outlook.

It can be a difficult task to detach oneself in order to objectively view various situations. If you surround yourself with pessimistic attitudes, in the end they can only aggravate the situation instead of improving it. Take for example some sort of depressive illness. Many things can appear to be far worse than they really are. A spiralling decline seems to happen when we allow ourselves to view subsequent issues in our lives in negative terms.

There are situations where pessimism would be the appropriate attitude. If you misplace your optimism or denial towards any given situation, the result can be just as damaging as any negative response or attitude. Finding the balance and seeking ways to hold our perceptions as well as our reactions in check is the trick to it all. It's important to hold gratitude as a counterbalance, thereby focusing on any problem we are experiencing.

What Do I Have To Be Grateful For?

A large number of us barely scratch the surface when it comes to recognizing those things we should be grateful for. Many don't realize they are taking these positive things for granted, and sometimes forget to count their blessings. A good way to keep track of these positive aspects of our lives is by keeping a gratitude journal. Simply keeping a daily record of the things in life we should be grateful for, such as friends and family or celebration of a small stroke of luck has been proven to enhance happiness. Once the seeking out of positives in your life has been noted, it can easily amaze you at how many things you actually have to be grateful for.

How a Gratitude Bracelet Helps Maintain a Positive Attitude

The key to using gratitude as a tool for maintaining a positive attitude is regular reinforcement. Gratitude journals work by reminding ourselves on a daily basis of the good things in our lives. A gratitude bracelet can work in a similar way. Every time you put it on, take it off or look at it during the day, it can remind you of the many reasons you have to be happy - no matter how many you have to be discontented.

Your choice of gratitude bracelet could be dependant on many different ideals. It could be as simple as a general reminder you have many positive things in your life. It can also be as complex as finding one symbolizing some of the many things that enrich your life on a daily basis. You can choose a color that reminds you of your favorite part of nature, or a color that makes you think about that particular look in a loved ones eyes.

With endless possibilities, once the connection is made between the bracelet and all things positive in your life it will be easy to be reminding of these things with a glance or the feel of your gratitude bracelet. If you wish to enrich the life of someone else and give one as a gift their feeling of gratitude will include you, as well as other loved ones. What better gift is there to remind you of all of the world's beauty? - 16651

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