Friday, February 27, 2009

Oh, If Only I Could Find A Prom Dress Cheap!

By Constance Van Oosprik

At my junior prom, I spent mad money and bought one of those designer dresses. Well, actually, my poor parents ended up footing the bill. Yes, the dress was beautiful, but at the end of the night, it wasn't in the best shape ('cause I had such a good time!). At senior prom, the situation was different, because now it was MY turn to pay for my gown. Now, I definitely had to find a good-looking prom dress cheap, because my limited money was on the line. I still wanted senior year to be as good as junior year, so I started to search online.

After going from store to store, I quickly realized that not every dress shape fit me well or emphasized my good parts. I don't have a large bust, so I wanted a prom dress that would accentuate what I had on top, and kind of hid my waist, mainly because I figured this would make me look the best. The problem with what I wanted and what was available quickly became apparent, especially when it came to price. I wish I had the internet as it is today to help me when I went to prom, but back then (which was just a couple of years ago), the web had less in the way of prom dresses for cheap.

I spent a bunch of time perusing websites to find a prom dress cheap enough that would make me look good, flatter what I wanted to accentuate, and actually be available to get in time for prom. I ended up looking at edressme (which has a link below) and found what I needed, but not without spending a lot of time searching. The funny thing is that they even had some designer dresses marked down, but I did end up buying a new, cheaper dress.

Finally, I had found the perfect gown for me - a shimmery, bust-accentuating, waist-hiding dress in the prom dresses under $100 category. Imagine that - I would be spending about 300 dollars less than my parents spent the year before, and I was still going to look awesome for senior prom! Move over, prom queen, here I come with my prom dress cheap secret!

After a lot of work, my search had a happy ending, and I hope your search will too! When you're looking for prom dresses for cheap, remember to figure out the basic style or idea of what you want first, and be open to new ideas and different styles. It will probably take you some time to find the ideal dress, but it is definitely worth it, especially if you want to save money or you're on a budget.

I wouldnt trade my prom dress experience for the world. It was the perfect gown for the perfect night. Kind of like the perfect guy " my dream gown was out there, just waiting for me. Dont settle for a sub-par dress (or a sub-par guy!) Just keep looking until you know its a perfect match. You wont regret it! - 16651

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