Thursday, February 26, 2009

Comedies To Download On Your PC

By Lauara Scudder

ZACK AND MIRI MAKE A PORNO: The bills are piling up and Zack and Miri, roommates and good friends, really need to find an answer to their money problems. The answer? That's obvious, start making porno movies. As one can expect this seems like a good recipe for a funny film.

In 2008 Tinsel Town provided movie goers with three hundred plus movies. From this collection, something like 70, or so, are comedies. Let's name a few of the most popular laughers produced in 2008.

HAMLET 2: Dana Marshz, formerly a small time actor, now finds himself teaching theater classes at the high school to apathetic students. When a building is destroyed at the school, the powers to be feel the theater curriculum will be what is dropped. Fully inspired, he is determined to save the theater classes by producing Hamlet 2, a new version of the classic, which he put to paper himself.

FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL: Overwhelmed with grief after a devastating break-up, Peter decides to escape his relationship. He heads to the Hawaiian Islands to start over and forget about Sarah. Obviously, when he arrives at his hotel, he looks up and sees the woman who just left him and her new man, a rock star super stud. This sets up as a thoughtful romantic comedy.

GET SMART: Maxwell Smart, as agent 86, is back, can you believe it? Would you believe... ? The classic James Bond spy spoof; agents hidden in plants, and all the great one liners. It is a fun look back at the antics of Maxwell Smart.

PINEAPPLE EXPRESS: Heavy pot smoker Dale Denton unfortunately has just viewed a crooked cop, and the local drug king pin, commit a murder. He was spotted witnessing the killing. Knowing they've seen him, he drops his joint of pineapple express, and takes off. This joint is such a strong type of weed, that it is possible to know who has it. The "fun" is on, as Dale and his dealer Saul are now running for their lives.

ROLE MODELS: Danny (Paul Rudd) and Wheeler (William Scott), who promote an energy drink, are going to see some hard jail time after trashing the company truck. The option to get out of serving jail time is to work in community service for 150 hours. The problem is they will need to mentor some kids as sort of a big brother. This is a good situation that provides some good laughs.

MADAGASCAR: ESCAPE 2 AFRICA: As the title suggests, this is the sequel to the animated smash hit Madagascar. Our cast of lost animals, Alex (Lion), Marty (Zebra), Gloria (Hippo), and Melman (Giraffe) are trying to get back to the zoo in New York, which is the only home they know. With things going wrong again, due to the Penguins, they now are headed to Africa, for more adventures.

TROPIC THUNDER: Overloaded with good actors this outrageous flick is a parody of recent war movies. To get a realistic performance from the over rated cast of actors to see the movie be a success, the frantic, and abused, director Damien Cockburn into the middle of nowhere, and leaves them on their own. His plan is to shock them so they will produce a ?work of genius?, that will be recorded on hidden cameras. Unbelievably, as the director blows up on an old French land mine, the actors are now truly on their own, and they start acting, thinking it's a big set, but things are getting very, very real. Jack Black, Ben Stiller, Robert Downey Jr., and Tom Cruise star in it.

STEP BROTHERS: When two 40 year olds, who both live at home with one parent, are now going to live in the same room because their parents marry, you have one crazy situation. Casting John Reilly and Will Ferrell acting as these two idiots, and you have the ingredients for a very fun film. This movie is a must see if your looking for some laughs.

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