Thursday, February 26, 2009

Free Leads From The Internet Made Easy

By Jeff Dedrick

It is possible to get free leads from the Internet. Many people say that it is not worth your time or that it's simply not possible to gather free leads online, but those people really have no idea when it comes to website traffic. Traffic is the key to online lead generation and compared with offline lead generation, using the Internet is exceptionally affordable, but not only that, it gives you access to so many more people and prospects. That is the best of both worlds: more people for less money!

So what are some ways to generate free leads on the Internet?

1. Offer a free course from your website. Once your site is set up, sign up with a mailing list provider like Get Response. Then have a squeeze page set up to capture people's names and emails. As an incentive, offer a free course or report from your site. Because they are getting something for nothing, they will sign up. You can outsource the course or report content cheaply and use it over and over again for a great return on a small investment.

2. Become an expert. Becoming well known in your niche market goes a long way to helping you generate leads. You can submit articles to related sites, become a blogger (very easy to set up), submit press releases, and conduct audio or video seminars. The possibilities are endless for you to make a name for yourself. On the Internet, anyone can be famous.

3. Communication Communication is the key to building a relationship with potential leads. Always offer your contact information and make yourself seem approachable by having a photo of yourself on your website as well as some information about you.

Free leads from the Internet is a real possibility as long as you know the basics of having a website set up, lead capture, and of course how to follow up with your leads. There are so many different methods and strategies that you can use to generate leads online.

And they can all be free leads because once your initial set up is complete, you will rarely have to spend any money. If you do spend money, it will be very minor compared with what is spent offline to buy leads lists. If you want Internet leads for free, then start learning how the game works and then dive in! - 16651

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