Saturday, February 28, 2009

Staying Positive with Simple Jewelry: Gratitude Bracelets

By Deanna Collins

Gratitude bracelets can be an aid to staying positive, especially when all odds seem to be against us. Life's problems can easily get us down, and when the going gets tough it's time to fight back. We don't want to claim defeat over any issue which has the possibility of taking our motivation out from under us.

Importance of Gratitude

It's a fact that there is always somebody worse off then us. That might seem like small consolation when life seems to be going along poorly, but recognizing the blessings that we enjoy is a small but powerful step towards cultivating a positive outlook.

Viewing things objectively by detaching ourselves can often be a quite difficult task. Any pessimistic thoughts or attitudes towards a given situation are only likely to compound the problem. Consider the situation of someone with a depressive illness; by the illness causing situations to appear far worse than they actually are, and other subsequent events needing to be dealt with are often interpreted in negative terms as well. This is where the downward spiral can begin.

A pessimistic attitude can be appropriate in certain situations. Finding a balance and seeking for ways to keep perceptions and reactions in their rightful place is the key to ensuring misplaced optimism or denial does not evolve into situations as damaging as any negative attitude. The most important focus point regarding our experiences and the counterbalance is as important as gratitude itself.

Do I Have That Much To Be Grateful For?

A large number of us barely scratch the surface when it comes to recognizing those things we should be grateful for. Many don't realize they are taking these positive things for granted, and sometimes forget to count their blessings. A good way to keep track of these positive aspects of our lives is by keeping a gratitude journal. Simply keeping a daily record of the things in life we should be grateful for, such as friends and family or celebration of a small stroke of luck has been proven to enhance happiness. Once the seeking out of positives in your life has been noted, it can easily amaze you at how many things you actually have to be grateful for.

How a Gratitude Bracelet Helps Maintain a Positive Attitude

Maintaining a positive attitude by using gratitude as a tool provides you with regular reinforcement. Even though we are using a gratitude journal as a tool to remind us on a daily basis what our blessings or what the positive things are in our lives, a gratitude bracelet can also be a tool to keep those positive thoughts in place. By stopping for a few seconds every time you put your bracelet on, take it off or even look at it you are providing yourself with a reminder of those many things you have to be happy about. Leave the reasons you have for discontent aside and just focus on the positives at these times.

You could wear a gratitude bracelet as a general reminder of the positive things in your life or choose a bracelet with beads that symbolize particular things that enrich your life: people, pets, health, and nature. Choose a color that will remind you of the eyes of a loved one or a material whose feel reminds you of something you have and love.

The possibilities are endless. Once you have made the association, you will be reminded of the positive things in your life every time you see or touch it. Give a bracelet as a gift and the receiver will remember you, and other loved ones, with gratitude. A gratitude bracelet can remind you of all the beauty there is in the world. - 16651

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