Thursday, February 26, 2009

Download Movies Quickly

By Theresa Timmerts

Currently, a lot of people rent films at least a few times a month. In many cases we all wait to rent the box office hits, in preference to going to the theater. Here is a short list of some of big winners in the DVD rental world.

INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL: Indiana is back in action, after a long break. This is the most recent movie about the adventures of Indiana Jones. In this movie An older Indiana takes on the Russians. Now, the chase is on for the Crystal Skulls, and the powers they might possess.

THE LAZARUS PROJECT: Ben Garvey, once a bad boy criminal, is a new man now. With a stable home, and a job that pays the bills, he can't complain. Then, he loses his job, and he goes back to his old criminal ways. This goes terribly wrong, and he is convicted, and sentenced to die. He fully expects to be killed by lethal injection. Instead, he isn't dead, but is in a psychiatric ward. He now struggles for his sanity, and his spiritual well being.

LINEWATCH: Well likes Michael Dixon is a boarder man in New Mexico, and life seems to be good. Now, things in his past are about to rear it's ugly head. A long time ago, he was in a violent Los Angeles gang, but he had the courage to leave. When a chance meeting shows where he lives to a member of his old gang, his family is put in a dangerous situation. For the sake of his family, he will take a huge risk, and work with the gang to move a large drug shipment across the border.

THE INCREDIBLE HULK: This movie tells the story of Dr. Bruce Banner, who has been changed into a creature called the green Hulk. This box office hit is an epic tale of the comic character the Hulk. This movie stars Edward Norton, Tim Roth, William hurt, and Liv Tyler. The director is Louis Leterrier. The film style is a thriller.

DECEPTION: Accountant Jonathan McQuarry has an unusual meeting with charismatic corporate lawyer Wyatt Bose. This is a meeting that turns his life upside down. He is introduced to "The List", which provides access to a secret world of sexual indiscretions. Sadly, he is driven into a world of corruption, treason and death.

JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH: Searching for his missing brother, a science professor travels to Iceland that leads him to the center of the earth. This is another version of the 1959 production, which was based on the classic work by highly acclaimed author Jules Verne. Brendan Fraser, Josh Hutchinson, Anita Briem, and Seth Myers star in this adventure film.

THE HAPPENING: Elliot Moore (Mark Wahlberg), along with his wife and some friends are leaving Philadelphia by train. The city has been thrown into chaos. Citizens are being affected by some strange illness, and are killing themselves. Can mankind solve this dilemma, or is this the end of the human race?

IRON MAN: Playboy, engineer genius, Tony Stark is attacked and taken by Afghan insurgents. They command him to build weapons for the insurgent group. He suffered a bad injury when he was abducted, and has shrapnel stuck in his chest. To save his life from this injury, and get away from the rebels, he develops a suit of armor, which makes him virtually invincible. We have a new comic book super hero on the scene.

SPEED RACER: The 1990's television cartoon with a new twist. Much like the movie The Flinstones, Speed Racer is an animation changed to a movie with an actual cast. Speed Racer is a young man who loves racing. His goal is to win The Crucible, a big race that his older brother lost his live in. With odds against him, and his families business at stake, he surprisingly teams up with his old rival Racer X, in an effort to capture the championship, so the family business won't go under.

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