Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sell More Photos and GET RICH

By Dan Feildman

Did you know just how effective the internet is as a product marketing tool? If you didn't well you will be amazed at how simplistic internet marketing really is. Google really did revolutionize the internet as a leading product store through it's "Google Ads" campaign and the way was left open for organic traffic. Google created a search engine system whereby anybody could find whatever that needed or needed to know. The Google search results which are based on the keywords entered, will find whatever the user needs in a matter of second. Google ends up sending potential customers direct to your listed products and then it just depends on the quality of your work to whether you make a sale or not, but you will be assisted by stock photography sites to get your photos positioned at the top of leading search engines.

The marketing power is all in the keywords that internet users type in, so with a bit of know how you will be getting things right immediately. You require the knowledge to niche keyword management so that the stock photography sites will be able to market your digital photos in an effective manner.

The key to reaching a broader public is to expand your keyword categories, and really the more keywords you use the better, but sometimes using more that 6 can lead to suspicious marketing techniques. To get a clear picture let's say we want to market a picture of a digital camera, you should use photography and digital cameras, but also "travel" as most travelers own a digital camera.

On a broader scale with any type of photo, you need to use as many relevant words that describe the subject matter. Take a look at similar photos on the stock photography sites and see what keywords other digital photographers are using.

You should now be almost feeling confident about going out there and taking some great shots right now and get them downloaded and up on to the stock photography sites. You will soon be making a regular income from your digital photos and you will be able to see how many visits you get to your photos.

With just a few more tips you will be ready to become an independent stock photographer and really be able to enjoy working for the first time. Find out more about just how easy it is to make money with your digital photos. - 16651

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