Friday, February 27, 2009

Swimsuit Ideas

By Dennis Durrel

Swimming is a summertime activity that kids plus grown persons plan to alike. To enter the pool you must own a swimsuit.

the Swimsuit is the slice of fashion that is purposely formed with textiles which are made to stand up to chlorinated water.

Typically, a women swimsuit is formfitting and formed to cover the body in numerous of the more private areas.

There are several different styles of swimsuits that ladies may choose from. Perhaps the most common is the one-piece swimsuit.

This is a suit that is all in one piece so that it covers a ladies midsection as well. Another type of ladies swimsuit is the bikini. This is a two-piece suit that has a bottom and a top that are not attached in any way.

The latest evolution in the swimsuit is the tankini. The tankini is a two-piece suit, but the top is a tank top so that it covers more of the ladies midsection.

A men's swimsuit is also available in a couple of styles. A speedo or thong swimsuit is more form fitting suit that covers only the man's lower area.

An additional style is the trunk model. The swimsuit essentially looks like a pair of shorts. This contour is far less form proper, but it is just as snug. - 16651

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