Friday, February 27, 2009

Why should you consider driving mocs

By Viliam Kanis

Driving moccasins as the name suggests are footwear used for driving. Whether youre driving on a long road trip or just to the local milk bar, driving moccasins make the ideal partner.

The driving moccasin is a shoe made of soft leather. The distinctive feature of the moccasin is that the sole and sides are made up of one piece, usually stitched together on the top.

If youre planning a long road trip, dont leave home without your driving moccasins. This footwear is specifically designed for comfort and allows your feet to breathe when driving for long periods of time. The loose fit of these shoes allow easy blood flow to your feet and allows the ability to drive for greater distances. These shoes dont restrict the blood flow and inevitably eliminate the pins and needles syndrome.

All the driving mocs feature heel to toe padded soles which provides great comfort and cushioning. The soles have long wearing nubs which provide great grip whether youre braking, accelerating or even just walking.

Driving mocs also offer a great casual look and at an affordable price. The removal of laces makes slipping into and out of these shoes a breeze. Also most driving shoes are machine washable.

Most people assume that these shoes are just for driving. All driving moccasins are designed for comfort. The addition of advanced soles allows these shoes to be worn safely on any walking surface. Also the leather material ensures that you will be the proud owner of these shoes for many years to come. - 16651

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