Friday, February 27, 2009

How to Get Qualified Leads

By Jeff Dedrick

Buying leads can be very smart or very foolish - depending upon which way you play your cards (so to speak). Some people say that when you buy leads you waste your money. It's true; it can be risky and can often result in little return on investment. But that is only when you buy unqualified or untargeted leads. Buying leads can be extremely lucrative when you buy quality leads. They will cost you more, but the return on investment will be impressive.

There are several different types of leads that you can buy. These include email leads and phone leads. Email leads need to be extremely targeted as the person has a choice whether to open the email or not. If the email is not targeted to the lead's interests, then you are wasting your time. On the other hand, a highly targeted group of leads can respond extremely well to emails.

Cold calling phone leads are the old fashioned method, but still work well in many circumstances. You will have to get used to rejection when buying phone leads, but that is the nature of the game. You should have some success, too, if the leads are quality ones.

Before you buy leads, always ask or find out what sort of information was utilized to target them and how they were generated. This is very important information and if the lead seller or broker cannot or will not tell you, then move on to someone else as they are likely selling unqualified leads. These bring no benefit to you; they only benefit the company selling the leads.

One of the best ways to getting qualified leads is by generating them yourself. This involves using a system that can pre-qualify the leads for you. This means they are exclusive only to you and can be targeted for your business.

Should you buy leads? Only you can truly answer that question, but when you do decide to purchase leads, make sure you find out how the leads were generated and, of course, what sort of information or incentives were used to target the leads. You must know all of this information before proceeding to avoid disappointment. - 16651

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