Thursday, February 26, 2009

Two great Burger Joints on Long Island New York

By LJ James

When it comes to food, I am no gourmet expert. I do however know what I like. Now there are many foods that I love and really like but when it comes down to it one of my Favorite foods has to be Hamburgers!

Now I have been all over and while I have been to some really great Burger Joints in Upstate NY and a few other states, I have spent allot of my life on Long Island in New York. There are many great places to eat here on Long Island but when it comes to Hamburgers I have two favorite places.

The first is "All American Hamburger Drive" in 4286 Merrick Rd Massapequa, NY 11758 this place has been around as long as I can remember. As a kid growing up every trip home from Jones Beach always ended with a stop at this old fashion Burger Joint. Their is always a line outside of All American but the wait is worth it. They have two Burgers I love Their Quarter pounder with Cheese and their Double Double which is a double Burger with double cheese. I have been trying to figure out which one I like better for years. I have had fun trying but have not figured it out yet, If I ever Figure it out I will let you all know ! All American also has some of the best Fries, Onion Rings, Knishes and Milk Shakes I have ever had!

Now where All American Hamburger Drive In sells a fast food style Burger and I love them, There is also another Style Burger which I love too and that is the Bar Burger! Their are many really great places on Long Island that sell some really Great Bar Burgers but as the old saying goes when it comes to the best "their can be only one"!

My Favorite Long Island Bar Burger I have had so far has got to be from the "Triangle Pub" 381 Old Montauk Hwy Eastport, NY 11941 I have been to this place a bunch of times over the years and their Burgers are always Great! Now I can only speak about their large Burgers (Never got one of the small ones). The Triangle Pub is known by many across Long Island for its Giant Burgers and Giant Glasses of Ice Cold Beer! There is not much to say about the place as I have never had anything there beside the Beer and large Burger meal. The people are friendly, The service is good, The Location is Nice and the Giant Burger and Beer Combo with French fries or onion rings is incredible. I love stopping by either for dinner or lunch !

Like I said before I am not a food expert I just know what I like. I have not eaten every where on Long Island so if you know of a place that you think serves better Burgers then the two I have just told you about then let me know what they are called and where they are located and I will be there!

I also really Like Chicken Wings!!! L.J. James Radio Show - 16651

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