Friday, February 27, 2009

Gratitude Jewelry: A Great Way to Express Your Gratitude

By Deanna Collins

Gratitude has a way of opening the world up to you. Instead of seeing the glass half full, people who understand the importance of gratitude begin to see how much abundance they really have. The little inconveniences and the big challenges begin to look small, unimportant and manageable when you look at the world through eyes of gratitude.

You can show your gratitude for your life in a number of ways. Those who love to write things down will find journaling a perfect fit for expressing their gratitude. Another choice is through jewelry.

Why Gratitude Jewelry?

Jewelry is made from beads, crystals, gemstones, and even precious metals. These materials carry with them the ability to invite positive energy into your life.

Gratitude jewelry is symbolic of what you feel inside. It reminds you to be grateful for what you have. It could be a pair of earrings, a bracelet or a necklace that you choose to convey this sentiment.

It is the wearing of the jewelry that begins the process. Every time you are aware of it, you can practice the power of gratitude. Journaling to show gratitude is a wonderful thing to do but it can easily become a chore and cause stress if you miss a day of it. Putting on jewelry takes only seconds and it is an effortless way to remember all the things in your life that you are grateful for. That feeling will stay with you throughout the day.

What type of Gratitude Jewelry to Wear?

How do you choose the type of gratitude jewelry to wear? Consider where you'd like to focus your attention and what area of your body feels the most powerful. Many women love to feel earrings dangling. They're proud of their necks or hair and earrings just make them feel good.

Some women like bracelets. Bracelets make a jangling sound that easily reminds you of all that you have in your life right now. They are always in view and readily admired by others. Bracelets come in many colors and styles depending on your tastes.

What about a necklace? They can be big or small, shiny or matte. Through the centuries, women of all cultures have worn neck jewelry as a sign of status and beauty. Wearing a necklace can bring on an ethereal feel to your body. You just have to reach up and touch it to be reminded of the symbolic nature of the piece.

To enhance your gratitude power, wear a matching set. You can dress yourself in all three pieces of jewelry or just two. Some days you might need extra reminders of the gratitude in your hear and wearing all three will strengthen you for the challenges to come.

What works best for you? Play to your strengths when expressing gratitude with jewelry. Just the act of wearing it can change your life in a positive and powerful way. Life is to be celebrated and enjoyed at each moment. To keep yourself inspired, invest in gratitude jewelry to live in the abundance of graciousness. - 16651

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