Thursday, February 26, 2009

Jennifer Aniston and her legendary hairstyles

By Alex Pecklen

One of the most popular and loved actress in Hollywood is Jennifer Aniston and we all remember her fame bringing role in TV show Friends as Rachel whose independent character and of course hairstyles we adored so much. That cute and very attractive young lady Rachel bribed our hearts with her dingy and lovable character and I bet plenty of women envied her amazing hairstyles she used to have and some even tried to make their own hairstyles alike.

Jennifer Aniston fans were looking forward seeing new season of the favorite TV show with their beloved character Rachel demonstrating her new amazing hairstyle, which became a real hit at once. They tried to guess would it be a wavy long hair hairstyle or a short cute haircut, and whatever hairstyle Jennifer had, her fans were in pure rapture enjoying her and her beautiful hair. And they would immediately head to the hairdressers with the photos of the very hairstyle Rachel is having this year.

A real trend setter was one of Jennifer Aniston hairstyles that was compounding the best from both short and long hairstyles. It was known as Rachel cut. The hair cut was framing face with shaggy cut with a razor longer hair around it while it was shorter at the top.

Sometimes Jennifer had her long hair romantically curled. Those big soft curls were created by drying with a round bush and then, to make it silky, curled with a big curl iron and after that lightly brushed too finish the look.

I think one of Jennifer Anistons greatest fun hairstyle was a mess of cute waves all over. To create tousled soft curls all was needed is drying celebs hair with a big round brush and once it is completely dry, using a big curl iron selecting random braids of hair and then wrapping around the iron. Then a gently vent brushing would finish the hairstyle and make it looks like bunch of tousled waves.

And yet Jennifers most loved hairstyle is long and silky, very sleek hair, slightly curled in the end of it. For this celebrity this particular hairstyle is kind of a trademark and her fine hair, which she straightens by blow drying and curls in the end with round brush, look most beautiful and well groomed.

Jennifer Aniston was rarely seen with short haircuts and, frankly talking, I dont see why, as she looks great with any of her hairstyles. Actually, she has never cut her hair shorter than a shoulder length bob. Her hair was sleek and straight and all one length then.

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