Saturday, February 28, 2009

Custom presentation folders; get the most for your money

By Chris Higgins

Packaging your marketing material in a custom presentation folder is a great way to promote your business. If you want to get the most value for your money and get the impact you want, keep the following points in mind before ordering.

Make sure the presentation folder is the right size. A custom presentation folder is just that, custom, which means you can choose any size you want. For some business uses a legal size folder is just right. whereas in other applications a mini folder is the way to go. Standard templates are available in small, medium, and oversize folders if necessary you can even choose a three panel folder with three separate pockets. Choosing the right size up front will ensure the finished presentation folder works the way you want.

How many pockets do you need? a standard presentation folder has two but you're not limited by that. for some applications one pocket is enough and if that's the case you can save some money because you'll use less paper. Other applications may require multiple pockets in which case you can consider a three panel presentation folder or add additional pockets to a standard two pocket folder.

How will the presentation folder be used and what are you putting inside? The goal is to create a folder that portrays your professional image so make sure that whatever goes inside fits and can be easily organized without changing the shape of the folder. If you have a lot of material to include think about box pockets, expanding pockets or even an expanding spine.

Use a paper that matches some of the other print marketing material you already use. If you're looking to create a new or different image for this particular project then us a paper that stands out. Choose from textured rich color paper stocks or a high gloss varnish that makes the ink really stand out. Whether you're trying to match existing marketing material or create something new that stands out the paper stock can make a big difference.

The primary function of a custom presentation folder is to package information about your company while increasing brand awareness. If you create a presentation folder that looks different or doesn't match the overall theme of all your other material then what have you gained. a custom presentation folder is an important part of your marketing and image make sure that when a customer sees your folder they immediately think of your company.

A presentation folder is a marketing piece you'll proudly give to customers and prospects use these 5 tips to ensure it provides the highest impact and return on investment. - 16651

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