Friday, February 27, 2009

Eyeconic Frames - why not wear glasses that fit you well.

By Gurpreet Singh

So you want to pick a pair of frames but you don't know what style, shape or colour to choose. Well read the guide that Eyeconic Frames has created, and ensure that the glasses that you do wear are just perfect for yourself.

Spectacles are in vogue as a fashion accessory. Both men and women have realised that glasses can make all the difference to the way they want to look and the image they want to create. The fantastic choice of styles and colours now available means you can choose different frames to co-ordinate with clothes and other accessories and you can use frame shapes to highlight your best features.

So you go to choose your frames, but now you're having a bit of trouble. You can ask for assistance from your local optician. But in todays age where the internet is booming, there are many resources online which can help you to decide. Fashion websites are the main source to go for, as well as online stores selling glasses. Ultimately, the choice has to be yours, but here are a few useful pointers on choices for different complexions and face shapes.

Darker Skin: People with olive, Mediterranean, golden or Asian skin and rich black hair often look stunning in silver, gold or clear frames. Also try burgundy and brown colours, but black can be too heavy.

Black Skins: All metallic frames suit black skins. Amber usually works well too, but black is either wonderful or awful, depending on style. Be careful with colours - they rarely contribute to overall style unless they're bright, fun and specially chosen to work with a specific outfit.

Oval shaped faces: This face shape is almost suited to all prescription glasses and frames. But it would be benefial not to wear larger styles glasses. This is because oval faces have smoothly rounded, and well balanced faces.

Round faces: For faces that are short and fairly wide with full cheeks and a round chin, choose slimming styles. Slightly elongated shapes work well as long as they are not too shallow, while square, or even up-swept styles can help to highlight the upper face. Avoid small and round or very large shapes that make the face look even rounder.

Faces that are Heart shaped: Rounder glasses and frames would be well suited with this shape. Also try to wear square frames to help highlight the shape of the face, Try to avoid any glasses that highlight the shape of the jaw. The key is to try and avoid attention to this.

Square faces: For faces that are strong and angular, or short and wide, the best frames to try are round or oval styles that soften the jawline. Avoid any shapes that emphasise squareness. - 16651

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