Friday, February 27, 2009

Learning About Nashville Breast Augmentation

By Andrew W John

For a variety of reasons, women are turning to breast augmentation to make themselves feel about who they are. Some women are just naturally born small and feel very self conscious about the type of body they have. Others may have had an injury or cancer that caused them to lose their breasts through no fault of their own. Still others simply want to look better in a bathing suit and the clothes they wear. Whatever their reasoning, breast augmentation does indeed give a boost of self confidence that you may not have had otherwise.

Many women are born with the unfortunate problem of having disproportionate breasts. It is much more common then you may think, and a lot of women complain that one breast is bigger than another. For some women this can lead to a life of being very self conscious about wearing certain types of clothes or even finding a well fitted bra. Although some women strictly get breast augmentation to make themselves feel better, other women do it because it will make them feel normal again.

Before you make a final decision on having a breast augmentation, it is extremely important that you make an appointment for a consultation with a medical professional that is experienced with plastic surgery. You should do this whether or not you are committed to the procedure. This is the only time you will have to sit down and really learn about the produce and to find out exactly what takes place. You can discuss the risks and the benefits, and even if you decide not to go through with it, you will have a much better idea of what will happen if you ever do decide to do a breast augmentation later in life. You in turn will feel more confident about your decision whether you have it done or not.

It will be when you speak with the doctor that you will also learn about realistic expectations. There are many women that feel that the surgery will bring them something that just isn't possible. The doctor will usually discuss this with you in detail and let you know some of the feelings that you may have.

Before you jump into something that is so important you need to think about why you are getting a breast augmentation. Are you doing this for yourself or are you doing it for someone else? You are the only one who is going to be able to answer this, and it is more important than you think. You are going to have to live with this change to your body, so you should be doing this to please yourself, and not anyone else.

The surgery will not take place until the doctor full goes over your health history with you. In certain cases of a younger patient, they may question whether your breasts are fully grown and whether you are mature enough to have the surgery. If you are still developing or still considered to be in puberty they may not allow the surgery or ask you to postpone it until you have reached a certain age or are full grown.

During the consultation, your doctor will ask you some very personal questions regarding your health and the reasons why you are looking into breast augmentation. The best thing to do is to be perfectly honest, no matter what the reasons are for wanting it. This procedure can be life changing, and only your doctor is going to be able to prepare you for what you are going through, both physically and mentally.

After you discuss the reasons behind the surgery, it is time to start discussing any pre-existing conditions that may exclude you from the surgery. Your doctor will ask about any history of breast cancer, both for you or your family, as well as any medical conditions you may have now. You should be truthful about the medication you are taking, whether it is over the counter or prescription drugs. No matter how small it may seem to you, it is important for your doctor to know everything that is going on with you, as it can affect the procedure itself.

Now that your doctor has discussed all of your feelings and the facts about the surgery, together you can make a more informed decision about what you are planning on doing. This is the time to get it all out in the open so that when you leave the office, you know if breast augmentation is right for you. - 16651

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