Saturday, February 28, 2009

How to Pick Maternity Jeans

By Joanne Garrett

Finding the right pair of jeans is a common problem for most women, but if you're pregnant too, then where do you begin to choose the right pair of maternity jeans?

Denim is very flexible; it keeps you warm in the winter and keeps you cool in the Summer. A pair of maternity jeans is a maternity wardrobe staple that can be both casual and fit for dressier occasions. Denim also can provide a wide range of styles. If you enjoyed wearing low-rise jeans before you were pregnant, you'll be pleased to know you can buy this type in maternity sizes as well.

Unless you know the terms used by manufacturers, choosing a pair of maternity jeans can be overwhelming and confusing. They come in a large number of styles, shades and fits so it will be easy to find the best style for your body if you understand what to look for. A smart, good-fitting pair of maternity jeans can be worn right through your pregnancy to lots of occasions. whether you're lunching with friends, having a trip out or simply going shopping, having a cool pair of maternity jeans to puton is an invaluable addition to your maternity wardrobe.

While before your pregnancy you only needed to consider the shade of denim or the cut of the leg, when you're pregnant your biggest decision you will make is what type of waistband to select.

Most pregnant women pick between "under-bump" or "over-bump."

Under bump maternity jeans are designed with a soft band along the front which sits comfortably under your bump.The band provides an easy fit and comfortable support during pregnancy and afterwards. If you wear a top that covers the waistband noone will be able to tell they're maternity jeans. So feel free to wear these for a long as you want after you've had your baby.

"Over Bump Jeans" are styled to fit around your expanding waist and consist of a full elastic waistband so that the jeans grow with you.Some maternity jeans a panel at the front made from soft and stretchy materiel and which expands to fit as your tummy grows. This type of jeans are very adaptable and you are usually able to wear them throughout the entire pregnancy, making this style the most flexible choice of jeans.

If you are looking to add maternity trousers to your wardrobe then here are some further options. Side panels in jeans are a good choice for expecting mothers. They will fit when you grow sideways as well as at the front. These side panels are flexible and contain elastic so that they can expand with you as you grow. Many pregnant women, however, prefer the comfort of drawstring pants. These pants contain an elasticated back, but have a drawstring that can be tightened to fit the wearer properly. The drawstring can be a comfortable choice to last the entirety of the pregnancy as they can be slackened as the woman grows. - 16651

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