Thursday, March 5, 2009

Article Marketing: Your Road To Great Search Engine Rankings

By Daniel Z. Kane

I spend a minimum of four hours a day promoting websites. Most days it is closer to double that.

That is because article marketing is one of the very best uses of my time. Nothing else I can do improves my sites' search engine rankings as quickly.

If you pay attention to the following suggestions, you can expect to be successful.

1. Your article titles are critical. Without a good title, nobody will even consider running an article on their site.

2. Do not write too formally or you will risk sounding stilted. But, avoid slang, especially if the nature of your website is such that you need to be taken seriously.

3. Respect your readers' time. Be clear and concise.

4. Approximately 75% of your articles should be written on topics related to your website. The other 25% should be written on a wide variety of other topics, so your articles will wind up on the widest possible variety (and number) of websites.

5. Craft your author's box copy carefully. Be certain that your website links are embedded in your best keywords. Most of my sites are on higher education, so my links are embedded in terms like "online degrees", "online colleges", "scholarships" and other terms for which I would like my sites to rank well.

6. Never submit a first draft. Do at least one second draft, even if you only find a few phrases you can improve. Then, proofread very carefully.

Almost nothing can impact your search engine rankings as quickly as article marketing. Do it properly and you'll see great results. - 16651

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