Thursday, March 5, 2009

Earn More Money With Article Marketing

By Erwin Z. Marrianna

It was a quiet day when we set up our website and found there to be zero traffic. We had no idea what we were doing, but we had a product and service to sell. How do we get traffic to drive sales?

How to get traffic to a new website is probably one of the most common questions that new Entrepreneurs ask. The fact is we need traffic to our website or blog no matter what it is you are trying to promote. A good place to start is searching words like "traffic generation" or "article marketing" to get some really sound advice.

One of the cheapest and effective ways to promote your self is through article marketing. It takes some time to put together an article if you are inexperienced but here are some tips to write good articles in a short amount of time.

Do a web search on the product you want to promote and do a little research. Websites like ezine articles is a good place to start. Find an article with a good title and start reading if you like what you are reading, then, spend some time and jot down a few of the key points in that article.

Now, take the title you found when you did a keyword search and create a new title. Using the points from the article, go ahead and begin writing in your own words about the product or service you want to put in your article. You know what it is that you are selling, so go ahead and be a little creative making sure to use the key words that will help when people are searching for that on the internet.

Make sure you read a few articles on your particular subject, making sure all points that you want to project in your article are covered. Once you start writing, you'll find that in no time at all you'll have 300 words ready to be posted for free. Most sites will not accept articles under 250 words.

Now post the article on as many sites as you can. Four great traffic generators are, goarticles, articlesbase, ezinearticles, and articledashboard. It makes sense that if you submit an article on more directories you will get more traffic on your website.

Search Engine Optimization is another huge benefit of article marketing. This means our articles should have the right keywords especially within the titles. Using a List or "How to" in your title is one sure way to catch the readers attention.

The more article you write, the more traffic and income you can make. Plus it's fun and you can learn a lot from researching articles. - 16651

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