Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sedona International Film Fest

By Ian Kleine

Ever wanted to attend a local film festival but can't afford to travel to France for the Cannes? What about Europe? No?

Well, if you're that kind of movie buff, you should try the Sedona International Film Festival on the months of mid-February to March 1. It's a highly jam packed and movie-filled, as they boast a good collection of Oscar-winning movies, classic films, events and other stuff. They also have a new ticketing system to ensure smooth experience for the movie goers.

The audience demographic varies. Most of the movie goers are movie fans, the other half would be budding producers, famous and starting movie directors, actors (whether famous or just starting), screenwriters and scriptwriters. It is a very exciting event!

The venue varies, with most of them being dissipated around the local high schools, movie theaters and non-movie theaters. There's a lot going on. Movies being shown, directors discussing their latest movies or projects, documentaries (like this year, they are holding a how-to-make-documentaries documentaries and an animation panel discussion), advanced screenings and film showing. There are also booths for buying food, drinks, forums and event collectibles and souvenirs.

Arizona has a good amount of hotels and lodgings for the tourist. You can get to the state via airway if you'd like, with flights connecting between Flagstaff/Sedona and Los Angeles. If you will take advantage of the event, a discount is being offered. And of course, you can go with renting a car or having a shuttle service both of which are available. Hotels around the area are near to almost at least a venue or two, so there's no problem running all around the area before going back to your room.

Even after the event, there would still be other things to do in Arizona before you leave. The film festival is a good way to unwind with your family. - 16651

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